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Behind the Fan: @support4avril 🖤

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

This week on Behind the Fan, we were introduced to Bruno – a 28-year-old Avril Lavigne megafan from Brazil! Bruno is so supportive of our pop-punk queen, and we loved hearing everything he had to share. From working on his postgraduate Marketing Management degree, to running an incredible fan account, Bruno is truly doing it all! Let’s get to know the dedicated fan behind @support4avril! 🎉

Bruno first started listening to Avril during her “Sk8er Boi” era. His sister was obsessed with Avril around this time, so Bruno found himself intrigued by her music. What really sparked his attention, though, was the release of her classic song, “Girlfriend.” He explains that he really noticed and appreciated how Avril had her own unique style and made super catchy songs. Bruno notes that he appreciated that she was different from other artists! ☺️

Though “Girlfriend” was the song that really hooked Bruno, he shares that it is not his all-time favorite song. The holder of that title is actually her ballad, “It Was In Me,” from what Bruno explains is her most personal album, Head Above Water. He explains how the song is about trying to find something in someone else or somewhere else to complete you, but then “I finally realized all of this time it was in me.” Bruno goes further to say, “Everything I was looking for always has been inside of me. It’s a beautiful message.” He even has a tattoo for the song! It truly is so touching when an artist’s words resonate so much with their fans! 🥰

In addition to songs being meaningful to fans, many people will find connection to an artist through videos! For Bruno, his favorite video of Avril is her music video for “When You’re Gone.” He explains how there are so many emotions in the song and video and that the old man gets him every time. Some other honorable mentions from Bruno are the music videos for “Nobody’s Home,” “Goodbye,” and “Head Above Water.” 🎥

When we asked Bruno about his favorite memory of Avril and any interactions they have had, he was delighted to answer! Online, Avril has retweeted him a few times, as well as liked some of his posts on Instagram! His favorite memory, though, was getting the opportunity to see Avril at her Rio de Janeiro concert in 2011. Accompanied by his sister and his grandmother, this night was truly unforgettable for Bruno. He recalls at one point, his sister started crying because she was so happy they got to see her, and that is a feeling Bruno will never forget! ❤️

The closest encounter Bruno had with Avril was in 2014. She had released a clothing collection with a huge Brazilian brand called “John John” and was in São Paulo. At the release, Bruno was very close to her, but it was very crowded. He recalls seeing a little girl up on a tree trying to see Avril - likely with a better view! Nevertheless, he really hopes to see her one day, maybe at Rock in Rio this year! He would love nothing more than to just take a picture with her and tell her how much she encourages him during hard times. So sweet! 🥺

In the interest of live shows, we asked Bruno if he could take the reins, what lineup would he love to see at an Avril concert? Two artists immediately came to mind: P!nk and Gwen Stefani! Their influence on 90’s and 2000’s music is great, and they are also unique, talented women with powerful voices! In addition, if Bruno could curate a setlist, it would have to include piano versions of, “When You’re Gone” and “I Fell In Love With The Devil.” Bruno also finds himself jamming her new songs “Cannonball,” “Avalanche,” and “Love Sux” right now and would love to hear them live! 🎶

Running a fan account takes dedication but is so rewarding for fans and artists alike! Bruno says that the best part of running his account is fans around the world reaching out and sharing his posts, as well being able to get to know and connect with them. He has even had the pleasure of meeting some in person! Additionally, he is thankful for being able to connect with Avril in so many ways, from interviews, to the releasing of new music! It is also an honor for Bruno to have Avril’s band, designers, and managers occasionally reach out and get in touch with him! 🤩

As we wrapped up this lovely conversation with Bruno, we asked him what he would say to our favorite pop-punk-princess if given the chance! He responded, “​​Thank you for your music! Thanks for connecting me more with my family; everyone here loves your music. Thank you for writing your own songs, playing instruments, and being a role model in so many ways. You have encouraged me to be myself, have my own personal style and taste, and stand up for myself. I am always thankful to you for being so sweet and handling your career really well, you’re such an unproblematic, pop-punk, healthy QUEEN! I love you. You inspire me in so many ways.” We know Avril loves and appreciates you just as much, Bruno! 💞

This heartwarming interview truly encapsulates what it means to be a fan. Loving an artist or piece of music so much and allowing it to have an impact on your life is truly what it is all about. Make sure you follow Bruno on Instagram @support4avril, and listen to some Avril Lavigne while you wait for the next Behind the Fan! 🌟

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