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Behind the Fan: @teddyssquad 💥

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Bugg

This summer, new music is constantly being released. Between Doja Cat releasing her album Planet Her back in June, and Billie Eilish’s sophomore album Happier than Ever coming out this week, it seems that every artist is itching to share their new songs and albums with their fans. Ed Sheeran is no exception!

On June 25th, his first solo single in four years, “Bad Habits,” was released. This new hit debuted at number one on the charts in the U.K.! Ed also wrote a song called "Permission to Dance" for BTS recently which landed at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100!

In order to celebrate this amazing success, we thought it would be the perfect time to interview the person behind our favorite Ed Sheeran fan account @teddyssquad ! 🧡

Running a fan account can take a lot of work, especially when the artist that your account is for is in the middle of releasing new music! However, the fan behind @teddyssquad says that she can not imagine her life without running her fan account. Laura is 30 years old and lives in Brazil! 🇧🇷

Her Ed Sheeran fan account has over 27 thousand followers, and she says that she loves how @teddyssquad has allowed her to get in touch with other fans of Ed that are just as passionate as she is. 👏🏻

“It’s nice to feel like you belong to something.” 🖤

Laura first became a fan of Ed Sheeran when she came across a Tumblr post about a tattoo that was a reference to one of his songs back in 2010! The tattoo read “YNMIDNY” which are the initials of the title of Ed’s song, “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You.” After learning a bit about him, she was seriously impressed!

Between his songwriting and guitar skills, we totally understand why! “YNMIDNY” is actually the reason that Laura started learning English! She originally translated the lyrics to this song herself, and as she began listening to more of Ed’s music, she started practicing and studying English. To this day, that is still Laura’s favorite song by him! 😍

However, her favorite video of Ed Sheeran is surprisingly not the music video for her favorite song of his, but rather a behind the scenes video of him when he was filming the music video for another one of his songs, “South of the Border.” This video always brings a smile to her face!

There is one moment where Ed is tied to a chair and pushed! He makes a joke saying, “It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,” and Laura can’t help but laugh at this!! 🤗

Laura even had the chance to meet Ed backstage at one of his concerts one time! She wasn’t expecting to meet him, so she was surprised when she found out she would get a few minutes to talk to him and take pictures! Laura said, “It felt like my brain stopped working for a second - I became so nervous!” This is one of her favorite memories because everything was so unbelievable.

Laura was extremely surprised and grateful that he took time on his birthday before his concert to meet her! When asked what she would say to Ed now if she could, Laura replied, “Send me your interview schedule!!!” Take note, Ed! 🤣

On a more personal level, Laura says that if she could send him a message, she'd just want to let him know how much he and his music mean to her. Between trying new styles of music and performing with a band now, she’s excited to watch him grow. ⚡️

“I know he’s at the top of the charts… but if he were not, in Brazil there will always be at least one person cheering him on.” - Laura

To check out more of Laura’s fan account, head over to @teddyssquad on Instagram. ⭐️

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