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Behind the Fan: @theweekndata 🖤

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann

On this week’s fan blog, we are definitely not blinded by the lights on this artist's talent. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, or commonly known as The Weeknd, worked his way from the bottom to where he is today. From winning three Grammys, to headlining the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show, The Weeknd is a pop/R&B artist that has paved the way for other R&B artists to follow. A superfan of The Weeknd’s who has created a space for other fans to find community is Cristian, a.k.a @theweekndata! Cristian is from Romania and is a huge music and film lover! We are so happy to have him on the blog and can’t wait to get a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of running a fan account! 🥳

In order to give us some background information of how Cristian originally became a fan of The Weeknd, he explained that it was in 2014 when he first heard the song “Love Me Harder,” which features Ariana Grande. Cristian describes, “I was thinking, ‘Who is this guy? Damn, his hair looks weird and funny.’” This piqued Cristian’s interest, in which he then took a deep dive into who The Weeknd is and how he became an artist. But what really kept Cristian hooked was the uniqueness of The Weeknd and how he isn’t like other artists in the genre. Cristian describes The Weeknd as having a really interesting persona and aura around him. 💫

Cristian had a perfect answer when asked what song by The Weeknd is his favorite. He said, “There’s too many honestly,” and we feel the same! But in narrowing it down to his ultimate favorite, it would have to be “The Party & The After Party,” off the album House of Balloons. Cristian recalls hearing this song for the first time and just being so in awe of the sound and melody of it all! It is a sound that he had never heard before, and still years later, Cristian hasn’t heard anything like it! 🎧

When asked about a favorite video of The Weeknd’s, Cristian answered with the music video for the song “Tell Your Friends.” From the way it’s filmed and synced with the beat of the music, the overall video has a vibe that really showcases the creativity and artistry of The Weeknd. Cristian also mentioned how cool it is that two songs are blended into this one video, with the first half being “Tell Your Friends,” and the second half being “Real Life.” 💽

We couldn’t help but ask if Cristian has had any fun interactions or memories revolving around The Weeknd, and to our pleasure, he has! Cristian explained that despite never meeting The Weeknd in person, he is going to his concert next year in London at the O2! Over social media though, Cristian has had some online interactions over his fan account with him. On one particular post, The Weeknd actually liked, commented, and later reposted the same photo Cristian posted on his account! How cool is that?! Cristian describes the moment as a great memory that he will forever be thankful for! 🤗

Cristian further went on to describe that if he had to make up a perfect show and lineup for The Weeknd to perform, it would definitely include 6LACK to open and Drake showing up so he and The Weeknd could sing “Crew Love.” Of course, songs that would have to be on the setlist include “The Hills,'' “Save Your Tears,” “Often,” and “Blinding Lights.” This honestly sounds like the perfect show! 🔥

As for asking about Cristian’s fan account and his favorite part about running it, he explained that the routine of posting, editing photos to post, and just being part of the entire community is what brings him the most joy! People who love The Weeknd just as much as Cristian are able to comment and share about their experiences. As Cristian says, “It’s really cool, and I’m grateful to take part in it.” Cristian also mentioned how unexpected it is when The Weeknd himself notices his account and interacts with it! This would have to be the best experience Cristian has had while running his fan account; it also shows the character of The Weeknd and how much he pays attention to his fans! “I don’t think there’s too many celebrities out there like this,” Cristian explains. “He really shows love back to the fans and he never forgets about us; he’s a really humble and genuine guy.” 🥺

At the end of asking Cristian about his fan account, we wanted to know if he had the chance to send a message to The Weeknd, what would it be? Cristian replied: “I'd have so many things to say, but I'd probably just keep it short because he's a busy guy, and I wouldn't wanna interfere with his personal and professional life. It'd probably be ‘Just keep doing you, we'll support you no matter what and thank you for everything you have offered us and for the hardships you're going through just to create great music. We love you.’” ❤️‍🔥

We love seeing how these fan accounts positively impact other fans all across the globe! @theweekndata is an amazing place for The Weeknd fans to find like-minded community, and we can’t wait to see how Cristian’s fan account grows! Thank you so much Cristian for sharing the inside scoop about your fan account, and make sure you follow @theweekndata! 🤩

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