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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by, Tess Considine

Ariana Grande, as we all know, is a worldwide sensation! She has done multiple world tours, dancing and singing her heart out every night! Her fan base, known as “Arianators”, are hard core when it comes to their fan love for their queen. Ariana has raised the bar in every way as an artist! Her voice is outstanding, and her songs are super catchy and relatable.

Today, we are talking with one specific super fan of Ari, Lenka. Lenka, a Belgian fan, along with other Beligan super fans of Ariana Grande created fan projects for three of Ariana Grande’s tours. They made posters for the Honeymoon Tour in 2015 and and the Sweetener World Tour. They created sings for the Dangerous Woman Tour but could sadly not execute this project because of the Manchester attack which occurred a few days before the concert. For the Honeymoon Tour, around 200 people participated, and for the Sweetener World Tour, around 500 people took part holding the signs! Lenka mentioned working with 10 fellow Belgian Arianators on these projects, who sent ideas, and helped create these posters via an “Ariana Grande Belgium” Facebook group that has 910 members.

Lenka has been a fan of Ariana Grande since 2012! She loves all of Ariana’s music, but she especially loves how the Sweetener and thank u, next albums connect like a story. “Sweetener and thank u, next are like 1 story to me where thank u, next is the 2nd chapter”. Hopefully, Lenka has now inspired you to go out and create your own fan projects and meetups for your favorite artists!

Thanks Lenka for sharing your awesome Ariana Grande fan project with us!

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