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Best Latin Collaborations of 2021💃

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Ellie Burr

We have already been surprised with so much great new music in 2021! The beginning of this year has also brought us some incredible new Latin music releases from some of our favorite stars!! Here are our top Latin collaborations from this year so far! ✨

Billie Eilish and Rosalía

Our beloved pop superstar, Billie Eilish, has surprised us with the most wonderful gift... a collaboration with Spanish singer-songwriter, Rosalía! The two released the single, “Lo Vas a Olvidar,” and we are here for it!! The single left us wanting to know everything we possibly could about Billie’s new songwriting partner. 😍

Here is what we learned! Rosalía is from Barcelona, Spain and is best known for modern interpretation of flamenco music. And WOW is she talented!! She has won eight Latin Grammy Awards and one Grammy Award for her album El Mal Querer. We also learned that writing with Billie isn’t her first rodeo when it comes to collaborating with other American artists. She has also worked with artists like Travis Scott, Pharrell Williams, and The Weeknd. We are forever grateful to Billie for introducing us to our fellow girl boss Rosalía!! 👸

“Lo Vas a Olvidar” is so beautiful, and we quickly became OBSESSED! Rosalía sings completely in Spanish, and we love it! When writing the song, Rosalía suggested that it be sung in English, but Billie pushed for it to remain in Spanish. She loves music that isn’t in English, and she knew the song would be so much more beautiful if Rosalía sang it all in Spanish. And wow was she right!

Their song was written for HBO’s hit show, Euphoria, and was featured on the series's latest special episode. The song came together in early 2019 but was finished during quarantine in 2020. The song was produced by Billie’s brother and musical partner, FINNEAS. The Grammy Award winning sibling team once again brought us another hit that we didn’t know we needed. 💜

“Lo Vas a Olvidar” is sung completely in Spanish except for the final lyrics which are in English. These lyrics were not only written by Billie, but also Billie’s whole family! The lyric was written by Billie, FINNEAS, and their parents after their traditional Friday night dinner and a movie. Family GOALS! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Lauren Jauregui

Though we are still not over the breakup of the girl group, Fifth Harmony, we do have the split to thank for the blossoming solo career of group member Lauren Jauregui! Since the breakup Lauren has kept busy! Her first release was with Marian Hill on their song “Back To Me.” Our favorite Lauren feature was on Halsey’s song “Strangers” which we LOVE! For her work on this song, Lauren was voted “Celebrity of the Year” at the British LGBT Awards! She also was featured on songs with Ty Dolla Sign and Steve Aoiki before releasing her debut solo single “Expectations” in 2018! 🥰

In 2020, Lauren gave us the gift of her Spanglish song, “Lento”! The single peaked at #2 on the Billboard charts for Latin Digital Song Sales! She also dropped a music video following the release of the single. Little did we know there was even more in store for “Lento”!! 🎉

In January of 2021, Lauren surprised us with the release of a remix of “Lento” which also featured Pabllo Vittar! This version is the Brabo remix of her original song. The single is back and better than ever with this all star group of collaborators. It was exactly what we needed!! 💘

Now we bet you are wondering just who Lauren’s collaborators are on this version! We got you covered. Pabllo Vittar is a drag queen singer-songwriter from Brazil who has become nothing short of a superstar in Latin music! She has been nominated for a Latin Grammy Award and won Best Brazilian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. A true QUEEN! The remix itself was created by Brabo, an award winning production team from Brazil. These two were the perfect match for this remix, and it just proves what we knew all along… Lauren is amazing! 💞

Selena Gomez