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Best Ways to Prepare for a Music Festival! ☀️

Written By: Caroline Walters

Summer music festival season is upon us, and whether you’ve been to 100 festivals or you’re heading to your first one, it never hurts to be over-prepared! There’s no such thing as too much preparation, especially for the long days of screaming your favorite lyrics. We’ve compiled some of the essentials to bring with you, so keep reading to check them off your packing list!

First off, we highly recommend bringing hydration packs! Most venues don’t allow bags to pack tons of water bottles in, but they allow hydration packs, and they’re so handy. They’re also called water bladders sometimes, but they’re worn like a backpack and have a spout to drink from while on your back. They’re easily refillable, so no need to worry about them running out! They’re a great way to make sure you’re staying hydrated in the heat. Speaking of heat, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. Suntan Lotion is the safest bet to fit the venue policies, and it’s key in making sure no annoying sunburns pop up to ruin the experience. Chapstick and something to protect your lips will help so much in the long run!

If you’re worried about sunburns, light layers will be your best friend! It can get chilly at night, so some sort of light sweater or layers can make you more comfortable. Weather can go from hot to cold or sunny to rainy in five minutes, so packing a foldable poncho can save you from getting soaking wet! Music festivals also include lots of walking around between stages and exploring, so definitely wear shoes you’ve already broken in and love wearing. It's not the best time to break in your new boots, but comfortable sneakers will enhance your experience so much. Bringing earplugs will make sure you’re not only protecting yourself from potential hearing loss but that your ears won’t be ringing after the show!

For electronics, portable chargers are a must! That way, you won’t be worrying about if your phone’s going to die while your favorite artist is on stage. Solar-powered portable chargers are perfect because they can charge your phone and get charged by the sun at the same time. Make sure to check your venue's policies to see if they have limits on how big they can be! Lots of venues are also completely cashless now, but if you’re worried about losing your card, some festivals have now started implementing technology where you can link your card to the festival wristband!

One of the biggest things we recommend is looking up the festival layout beforehand and planning what stages the artists you want to see will be playing at. Festivals can get spotty cell phone service due to the number of people, so knowing the layout before will make your life easier! Taking a screenshot of the stage layout and having it as your phone lock screen makes for easy access so you’re not searching through all the incredible pictures and videos you’re taking! Speaking of pictures, disposable cameras can be a really cool way to capture the memories you’re making! You can get packs of two to share with you and your friends, and then once you get them developed, the memories and photos will be there forever.

If you’re thinking about going to a music festival this summer but aren’t sure what’s near you, check out the list of some of the most popular below! Make sure to check out the lineups and see if this fits your vibe or head here to see all the festivals happening near you.

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