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Bored During Quarantine? Our Fans Share How They're Staying Entertained!

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Savannah Alday

What day is it?!? They are all running together at this point. Quarantine has been long and it looks like it is going to be with us for at least the next month or so. We are already bored in the house and we’re in the house bored so more weeks in isolation is definitely taking its toll. Running out of our own quarantine ideas, we reached out to our fans to see how they are passing the time!

What has been your go-to show?

@juliablazinic - “Tiger King obviously.”

@kelseymannarino - “I just finished “Lucifer” so I’m trying to find a new show to start. I watched the first season of “What We Do In The Shadows” and I 10000000% recommend it!!! I cried laughing!”

@ceci.omara - “The go-to show is “Arrested Development” no doubt!”

What’s your necessary quarantine snack?

@megzreibelt - “My go snacks have been grapes or little Easter eggs. A balance is always good right? Lol” 🍇

@samsontheblackgoldendoodle - “Nutella and strawberries.” 🍓

@madeline.cantrell - “Necessary snack is definitely graham crackers or regular cheez-its!”

Have any artists released new music you're vibing with?

@carolineehoffman - “Lennon Stella just released a new song called “Fear of Being Alone” along with the music video for it, and I’ve been loving that!”

@christinaswiftt - “5 Seconds of Summer released their 4th studio album “Calm” and I’ve been listening to that a lot!”

@just_giannaamato - “I have been really vibing with the “Birds of Prey” soundtrack. All the songs are so emotionally stimulating and empowering!”

How are you passing the time while being stuck in quarantine?

@caroline_r_cat - “I’ve been drawing and painting a lot! Also, I’m still in school so keeping up with that and playing with my dog always helps pass the time!”

@officiallyalesha - “To pass the time I’ve been doing a lot of crafts, etc. I just finished painting my door today! Tons of colors!”

@imsobiithurts - “I like to read, paint, draw, color, listen to music, clean, and talk to my friends!”

What’s one YouTube video you’d recommend?

@karenkooe - “I can’t stop watching the Jonas BrothersWhat a Man Gotta Do music video!” 💓

@brittnigallagher - “Niall HoranHeartbreak Weather music video! Especially now because I was supposed to be seeing Niall on the opening night of his tour (April 20th) in Nashville.” 💔💔💔

@livv.bailey - (A YouTube channel recommendation) “I am currently watching a lot of Evan and Katelyn! They do a lot of DIY stuff, and it’s cool to watch when you are stuck in the house!”

Thank you guys for answering our questions! It seems like you all have figured out how to stay entertained during quarantine! Try some of their go to’s to see if it helps you not be so bored. We hope you and your families' are staying well! ❤️

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