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Tayler Holder's New Fan Club is now on With the Band!

Written by: Kiri Hassinger

You may know Tayler from when he started out as a TikTok influencer. After growing his fan base to almost 20 million followers, he is now making his own original music! Everyone, please welcome to the With The Band family: Tayler Holder! On Tuesday, October 10th, Tayler launched his official fan club on With The Band's Fan Crew platform! 🎉

As an emerging country music star, Tayler brings a lot to the table. Though his origins on TikTok helped him gain an audience for his music, he has also been hard at work singing, writing, and promoting his music. He’s a talented singer who combines traditional

country music themes with pop-country melodies and has introduced country music to an entirely new demographic of fans. His newest song, “Someone You Knew” has already amassed over 100,000 plays on Spotify since its release. If you love Tayler and his music, make sure to stay updated on his socials because, starting today, Tayler is joining Dylan Scott on tour! 🚌

If you’re one of Tayler’s fans, you’ll definitely want to check out Tayler’s Fan Crew. The Fan Crew offers three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. At the Bronze Tier, fans get access to the vibrant and ever-growing fan community, where they can interact, post, comment, and become friends with other fans of

Tayler! 😉

Do you like what the Bronze tier has to offer? Then you should probably think about taking your membership to the next level and joining the Silver Tier! Not only does the Silver Tier offer fans everything that the Bronze Tier does, but fans will also gain exclusive access to some unreleased music, videos, and tour announcements, as well as exclusive contests and giveaways! 🥰

And finally, for the ultimate Tayler Holder fan: the Gold Tier! The Gold Tier includes all of the benefits in the Bronze and Silver Tiers as well as some awesome exclusive merch! After three months of a Gold Tier membership, fans will get a Tayler

tour poster! And for six months as a dedicated Gold Tier member, fans will receive an exclusive Tayler Holder Fan Club

t-shirt! 🤯

Tayler is so excited to launch his Fan Crew that he’s celebrating with a special giveaway! By subscribing to any of the tiers, you will be entered to win a FaceTime call with Tayler. The Bronze Tier gets one entry, Silver gets ten entries, and Gold gets thirty entries! 🙋‍♀️

When fans join Tayler Holder’s fan crew, they’re not only connecting with fellow fans but also directly with Tayler himself. He’s worked hard to make it this far in the country music industry, and he’s excited to share his journey with all of his fans, through the Fan Crew and on tour! Make sure to join the Fan Crew and become a part of this awesome community! 💜

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