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Music Fan Safety 101 😎

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

Over the years we have seen performers ask for some strange things from their venues. Lady Gaga asked for posters of her Idols, Britney asked for cheeseburgers, Alicia Keys wanted Quakers Oats, and Taylor Swift even sent her Starbucks order! Have you ever wondered why? Well, it can be traced back to Van Halen in the 80s. Keep reading to find out how they started this unique way to keep fans safe! 👀

The band had a very strange request: a bowl of M&Ms with all of the brown ones removed. If any brown M&Ms were found by the band the venue would forfeit the profits of the show. No one knew why until 2012 when the lead singer David Lee Roth revealed that the weird request was for fans’ safety. At the time, they were traveling with a huge lighting setup and had one of the biggest productions in the country. Their touring contract had extremely specific details on how to set everything up safely. If Van Halen showed up and there were brown M&Ms, they then knew that the venue hadn’t read the contract and they needed to make sure their set was constructed correctly. Now it's super common for artists to throw in a crazy request or two to keep everyone on their toes. While it's great that artists are taking steps to keep their fans safe, it's important to know how to stay safe while seeing our favs! Here are some of our tips and tricks to keep you and your friends safe while attending a show. 🌟

Ticket Traps

When grabbing the tickets to see your favorite artist live it's important to make sure that they are legit. We do not want you to lose money to a scammer! It’s best to use an official ticketing site like Ticketmaster to buy tickets to shows. If the show is sold out, Ticketmaster has verified fan re-sale. With this, you can be sure it's a safe bet and you are getting what you paid for. If you are buying or selling tickets, Stubhub also has a great refund policy. We know it's hard to resist the urge to buy those cheap front-row tickets that seem too good to be true, but they probably are. However, if the only way you get tickets is by buying them off of Twitter, ask the person to send a screen recording of them going from your DMs to the Ticketmaster app. If you do think they are legit, send the money via Paypal. They have a refund policy for sales that turn out to be fake. A word of advice from our in-house fangirls: Don’t send money to someone you do not trust, if it seems sketchy it probably is! 💌

Do Your Research

Being prepared is key for keeping yourself safe at a concert! Check the weather before the show. You might need to bring extra water because of a heat advisory or a raincoat because of a downpour–it's super important to look ahead of time! Also, make sure you are wearing shoes that you can walk in. We understand the importance of an iconic concert fit but not at the expense of your feet!! You should also research the venue before you attend the show. Every venue is different and will have restrictions on what you can and can’t bring inside. The clear bag backpack policy is the way to go in our opinion. You can pack band-aids, water, and whatever else you might need. Don’t overpack though, you’re gonna need room for all the merch you snag at the show! Keep your bag with you at all times and never leave your drink alone. It's easy for someone to slip something into your drink when you aren’t paying attention. If you feel unsafe or uncomfy talk to someone from the venue! Trust your instincts!! ❤️

Go with Friends

We wish our faves could play all night long and the show would never end but sadly all concerts must come to an end and when they do, it's late. Most venues probably won’t let you bring pepper spray, so go with a group to avoid walking by yourself late at night! It's gonna be hectic once the show ends so make sure you and your group know where to meet after the show. If you carpooled, pin your location. In Apple and Google Maps, you can mark the exact spot you are standing to come back to later. It can be helpful to pin where you parked to avoid getting lost. You can even mark your meetup spot or share your location with each other if they are someone you trust. 👫

GA Goals

If you were lucky enough to grab GA tickets to the show, congrats! We know all we want are those front-row seats but if you are camping make sure you are with a group! You never want to be the only one outside late at night or early in the morning. If you and your friends are spending the night, bring sleepover essentials like pillows, blankets, water, snacks, etc. If it looks like rain, bring a tent. Some places will have security guards present for people waiting but if no one is there and you feel unsafe sleep in shifts. Even if you came with friends, it can also be helpful to make new ones! Make friends with those around you in line so you can help each other out! 🏕

Fit Dos and Don'ts

Once you get to the pit, it’s a good idea to wear closed-toe shoes, you don’t want your feet to get stepped on. Don’t wear anything that hangs such as sequins, it is easier for them to get caught on something or someone when you're standing so close to everyone in the pit. We don’t want a ripped top to ruin your night! Even if the concert is in the middle of winter, it is gonna be hot in the pit. Be sure to eat a full meal before you go and hydrate hydrate hydrate! If you need first aid there is always a tent or office to help you out, don’t be afraid to ask for help! 💜

Concerts and live shows are some of the best experiences a fan can have! Everyone in the venue is there because they love that artist. However, the energy can be insane and it can be easy to forget how to keep yourself safe! Hopefully, these tips will help make your concert experience the best it can be while staying safe! 😎

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