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Gifts Any Music Lover Will Want 🎁

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann


We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving - enjoying time off of work, celebrating with friends and family, and eating too much food! But now that Thanksgiving is over, it is officially Christmas time, which means we all have to figure out what to get family and friends! We at With the Band know the struggle of trying to figure out what to buy as gifts - So we are here to help! Here is our gift guide for all the music lovers out there! 🎄

Billie Eilish

Beyond the normal merch that you can buy online, Billie has released some exclusive pieces that are just here for Christmas! From a Holiday Bundle Set, Limited Edition Plaid Sweatshirts and Sweatpants, and various ornaments, these are perfect gifts that you can get for any Billie Eilish fan! Make sure that you take a look at these items early cause they definitely are selling out quickly! 🤩

Ariana Grande

A sweatshirt that we definitely have on our Christmas list is Ariana Grande’schristmas & chill’ crewneck! From the cute design on the front, this for sure looks like the perfect “chilling out” sweatshirt to throw on. Not to mention, there are plenty of other gifts on her website perfect for Ariana fans, like mugs, onesies, and vinyls! 💘

Jonas Brothers

Who wouldn’t want to have a sweater with the Jonas Brothers' faces on it?! Christmas merch from the Jonas Brothers might be the highlight of Christmas presents because of how many cool gifts they have! Of course there are the typical clothing type presents, like sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweatpants. But holiday wrapping paper?! Let’s just say if we got a present wrapped in Jonas Brother wrapping paper, that would be the most carefully unwrapped present ever! There is also a Sugar Cookie Holiday Candle that would be perfect to sweeten up a loved one's home! 🎀

Selena Gomez

If you know someone who loves Selena, she most definitely has the gifts for you! From a beanie, an ornament, and a 2022 calendar, these are perfect stocking stuffer gifts to get someone! Though her clothing items aren’t necessarily Christmas themed, they are still super cute to get as a gift for someone and look super cozy! 🤗

Twenty One Pilots

When it comes to Twenty One Pilot fans, we all know that they do not mess around with merch. Perfect for you, Twenty One Pilots has created some Christmas wear that any fan would love to have! From a Christmas crewneck, socks, mug, and ornament, these are all amazing options to choose from to get

for a Twenty One Pilot superfan! ❄️

Taylor Swift