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Harry Styles Fan Project at the Forum

Written by: Tess Considine

As most of us know, Harry Styles is coming out with a new, highly anticipated album, "Fine Line" on December 13th, and we cannot wait!! On that very exciting day, one of Harry Styles' fans, Nalani, is planning a fan project on the album's release day! And, she is using the With the Band app to get others involved!

Nalani is planning on printing signs from Harry's website, which has automated affirmations for all of his fans. Her plan is to pass out signs that will speak different affirmations to Harry. During the song, "Lights Up", everyone in the audience will hold up all of the different affirmations to show how much they love him.

What inspired Nalani to create this fan project is Harry Styles himself. "He spends so much time making sure we’re looked after, making sure we’re taking care of ourselves... I wanted to make sure he felt that love in return, which inspired me to use the website he made for us, but use it for him instead."

Nalani became a fan of Harry in 2010 when he was on X Factor. She loves how generous and how humble he is. "He goes above and beyond to make his concerts a safe space. I’ve never actually seen him live before, but he helped me come out as pansexual to my parents and, eventually, come out online." If you want to join Nalani's awesome fan project, make sure to download the With the Band app! We can't wait to see how this turns out!!

Thanks Nalani for sharing your awesome fan project with us!

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