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Hear from the fans behind your fav fan accounts in our new IGTV series "Behind the Fan!"

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Hoffman

No matter who your favorite artist is, there is probably a fan account on Instagram or Twitter that exists to help you stay updated with artist news. These are basically professional fans! They run these accounts and amass thousands of followers by constantly posting new content about their favorite artist/band. In this time of such social isolation, we wanted to help fans feel more connected….so, we thought it would be cool to introduce you to some of the fans behind your favorite fan accounts! That’s why we created our new IGTV series “Behind the Fan.” In case you haven’t seen our past few episodes, we created a recap for you!

In our first episode, we interviewed Benns! She is a Julia Michaels superfan from Italy. She has been a fan of Julia since 2017 and has seen Julia in concert around 10 times all over the world! Watch her episode to learn how she became such a big fan of Julia and what she loves most about the concert experience!

In our second episode, we spoke to Carol, who is an Alessia Cara superfan from Brazil. Through her fan account, she has made so many friends and has over 13,000 followers! Watch her episode to hear her story of traveling to Canada (from Brazil!!!!) to meet Alessia!

For our third episode, we caught up with Roisin. She is a Miley Cyrus super fan who has been running a Miley fan account longer than Miley has even been on Instagram! She has reached 22 thousand followers and is even followed by Miley herself!! Watch her episode to find out what led her to start her incredibly successful fan account!

Everyone has their own reason for feeling close to an artist and their fandom. No matter what artists or fandoms you support, music unites people! We can learn a lot by hearing other people’s stories and sharing our own. If you are a super fan and run a fan account, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach out through our Instagram DMs or email us at! Be sure to tune in on Instagram for new “Behind the Fan'' episodes every Saturday!

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