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How Fans are Staying Connected Without Concerts 🤝

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Mackenzie Christian

Fans across the globe are missing their favorite artists, singing and dancing in the audience to their favorite songs, and connecting with other fans at shows. That’s what a fandom is all about, right? Connecting with other fans of the band you love and adore and celebrating the community that they bring their fans! With live concerts and meetups postponed for the foreseeable future and everything moving virtual, here are a few ways that fans are staying connected! ✨

With social media being at the forefront of fandoms currently, it has been seemingly easy to stay connected with other fans. However, fans are getting more and more creative with connecting with one another. Zoom, Twitch, and other group video apps have been such a help in creating and maintaining long lasting friendships with fans that probably would have never met if it weren’t for the artists they love! These platforms have encouraged fans to continue their fandoms, just with a new virtual twist.

We’ve all heard the warnings of “strangers on the internet,” but today, that stigma is decreasing. Fans who have connected at shows, but live on different sides of the country are able to easily stay in tough and relive their favorite concert moments together! Not only are fans staying connected, but they are also making new connections! From all different parts of the world, fans are making new friends through the music they can’t get enough of! This just goes to show the power of music, fandoms, and technology. 🌎

Fans of the Jonas Brothers had learned how to stay connected without live shows. After the brothers broke up, fans had only memories and each other to hold on to. Fan accounts were made, old pictures and videos were shared, and friendships continued on without missing a beat. When the Jonas Brothers returned, their fans hadn’t gone anywhere, and thanks to the digital age, that connection had not been lost! 🤗 Fans were hosting Zoom calls to connect with one another now that their favs were back together, and the Jonas Brothers had to get in on the fun! They started surprising fans by popping up during their calls! This fandom was so surprised and so grateful to have not only the connection to each other, but also the connection to Kevin, Joe, and Nick right back how it should be! 💕

Fandoms have gotten ridiculously creative in how they experience “concerts” right now in a concert-less world. While some artists are hosting zoom listening parties, meet and greets, acoustic shows, and many other events, fans are taking matters into their own hands to bond over their love of their favorite bands! Some members of the 5SOS Fam have been hosting zoom “concerts” and listening to 5 Seconds of Summer’s newest album CALM because of the cancellation of their No Shame Tour, which was postponed until March of 2021 due to Covid-19. With phone flashlights and the album playing from start to finish, fans have come together to enjoy this version of a “concert” all around the world. This unprecedented opportunity has proven to be such an incredible experience among fans and connected them all together to support and celebrate the boys of 5SOS. 🎉

Another example of where fans have taken things to new heights, is when a group of Harry Styles fans set up a “RE-watch party” of Harry Styles’ SNL episode. Via Zoom, fans from a multitude of locations got to bask in the glory that is Harry Styles himself! 😍 The idea started on tumblr when a fan, Elham Mohamud, posted about the idea and soon enough 8 of her “internet friends” wanted to join in and set a date! This was not the first time they had interacted with each other, but it was the first time they had all seen each other’s faces and heard each other’s voices. This brought their friendships from “internet friend” status to “friends that met on the internet” status, creating a bond through the greater purpose of music - connection.

For now, while concerts are from the couch instead of sold out arenas, fans have gotten so creative with how they connect with each other, and it is really solidifying friendships amongst fans and creating a unity like never before! When live shows are back in full force, there will be a familiar experience, but there will be new feelings and bonds amongst fans and their fandoms after having found a way to stay connected through it all. 💜

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