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How Much Does It Cost to Be in a Fan Club?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Emily Hume


Fan clubs can be such a great tool in helping to create and foster a community. Fandoms really can become like families, and joining a fan club can be a great way to get more involved! There are several questions that you might have when looking to join a fan club, and we have decided to walk you through maybe one of the most important questions...How much does it cost to be in a fan club?

This is such a great thing to ask before you decide which fan club you want to join, because they are all a little different. First thing to differentiate here is that a fan-run fan club is usually very different from an artist-run fan club. Most fan-run fan clubs are held on social media or a website, and they are all up to the discretion of the person who made and moderates the club. Because of this, a lot of fan clubs are actually free! Sometimes, they might require you to make a username or enter an email so they can have good communication with you, but other than that, there is typically no charge. However, with some fan-run fan clubs, if they are sending you any type of physical item in return (a t-shirt, sticker, membership card), then they might charge a membership fee and require a bit more information from you.

The next type of fan club would be an artist-run fan club. These clubs are owned and maintained by the artist and their team in order to keep their fans up to date and show how much they love and appreciate them! Artist-run fan clubs can also be free to join, and might just require you to enter an email for newsletters. However, a lot of artist-run clubs will charge a fee. This membership fee is whatever the artist decides to set it to be, so the range is incredibly wide, anywhere from $20-$150 plus. These fees can also be split up either monthly or yearly, and the cost may vary depending on what “level” of the fan club you are in. On average, fan clubs like this are $30 for the year.

Some examples of Fan Clubs include...

- Maggie Rose

- The Lumineers

- The Who

- Carrie Underwood

With the Band has its own modern day version of a fan club called Fan Crews. Fan Crews allow fans to have more connection with their fav artists than ever before. Artists can post exclusive content, host livestreams and meet & greets, and interact with fans directly! This enables artists to have more intimate one-on-one relationships with their audience. The Fan Crew is completely customized to each artist, including the Crew's look, feel, and price for fans to join. This ensures that you will be speaking with the artist, and other fans, in a safe space! It creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere where fans can truly share how much they love an artist, and they can also be rewarded! With the Band Fan Crews provide amazing opportunities for fans, while also fostering intentional relationships with partnering artists.

To wrap it all up, it really depends on who is running the fan club. Fan-run fan clubs are generally free, whereas an artist-run fan club may or may not have a monthly or yearly fee!

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