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How Our Favorite Artists Got Involved in #Election2020 🇺🇸

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Emily Hume

We all miss using our voices to sing and scream as loud as possible at concerts, but right now, there is another way for us to all be heard! Some of our favorite artists have come together to spread the importance of using our voices in the 2020 Presidential Election. Here are some of the ways that some super famous faces got involved! 💜

Harry Styles said it best in true Harry fashion that if he could vote, he would, “vote with kindness.” For some reason that one little expression always has a way of melting our hearts! 😍

Taylor Swift has been very vocal about her beliefs, and she has used her platform to encourage her fans, particularly other women, to be vocal as well! In her Miss Americana documentary, Taylor mentions feeling silenced for a long time, and just like her classic album, she is now choosing to speak up and ✨Speak Now! ✨

Our favorite brothers got involved as well! The Jonas Brothers have been busy with their new single “I Need You Christmas,” but they took time to vote, and have encouraged their fans to do the same! 🤗

Last but certainly not least, Selena Gomez deserves a special shout out! At 28 years old, Selena told fans that this was her first time voting. This vulnerability and honesty with her fan base shows how much she loves and cares about her fans. She is encouraging enough to say that we can all get involved when the time is right! We love, love this queen for her strength and passion! 👑

We absolutely adore seeing all of our favorite artists come together for such an important message! While we may not be able to use our voices at concerts for the moment, we can still sing loud in our cars, have live stream concerts with our friends, and most importantly, vote! 👏🏻

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