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How to Get Front Row at Concerts! 🎫

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Written By: Caroline Walters

It’s almost the peak season for music festivals and summer tours to start back, and we know exactly what it feels like to want to be front row for your favorite artists! Whether you’re going to a general admission or seated show, we want best to prepare you for the perfect front row experience, so check out our tips to have the best day! 🥰

If the show you want front row for is at a seated venue, don’t worry! We’ve got Ticketmaster hacks to give you the best show at securing those front row seats. For more in depth tips, read our “How to Dominate Ticketmaster” blog! First, the night before tickets are on sale, we recommend logging into your Ticketmaster account and making sure your card information is uploaded and correct. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup card on your account just in case it doesn’t want to accept the other one! At least an hour before the sale, it’s helpful to log on and join the waiting room for tickets, but don’t refresh your page when it’s time! The site will automatically refresh on its own and put you in the queue. Once you’re in the sale, having your card information pre-stored will help you so much! Our best piece of advice is not to refresh your page once you’re in the queue because it will put you at the back of the line. Good luck! 💻

If the show you’re counting down the days for is a general admission show, our best piece of advice is to line up early! Make sure to check the venue policies beforehand because some allow overnight camping and some are more strict about what time concert goers are allowed to get there. If you do decide to line up early, be prepared for a long day! We’ve got some tips and tricks to make your day go by as smoothly as possible. 😊

1. Research fan number systems or if your venue has a wristband system! Some fans will put number systems in place so that if you need to step out of line to use the bathroom or change clothes, you know exactly where you should be. Certain venues will even have their security team put wristbands on those in line to make sure the system will be honored. We definitely recommend calling the venue to see their policies for the specific show you’re going to!

2. Dress comfortably! There’s no need to show up to wait in line all day in your cute concert outfit, so we recommend wearing sweatpants to be cozy. If it’s going to be cold and rainy, layers can be your best friend! Blankets double up as something to sit on so you don’t get your clothes dirty, but also as an extra layer of warmth! Light sweaters and jackets are perfect for the summer so your arms are protected from the harsh sun. Make sure you have a plan to either put your stuff back in your car, have someone pick it up, or even see if the venue has storage lockers to keep your stuff safe before the doors open! ☀️

3. Bring snacks and plenty of water! It’s easy to get dehydrated before a show, but you need to drink water throughout the day so you don’t pass out during the show. Eating snacks and at least one good meal will make you feel so much better and give you all the energy you need to dance all night. When it comes to drinking water, stopping an hour before the show starts gives you the perfect window for a bathroom break before the artist comes on stage and that way you’re not losing your spot during the show! 🥨

4. Bring a portable charger and something to do or read! We know it can get tedious sitting in line all day, and if you’re on your phone scrolling Twitter to see any new updates from your favorite artists, a portable charger is the best thing you can bring. Books, games, and decks of cards can be so much fun as well! It keeps you entertained without draining your phone battery. 📱

5. Our absolute best piece of advice and one of the best things about queueing for shows is making friends!

Talking to the people around you and making new friends is one of the most fun parts of waiting in line all day. It’s the perfect way to meet people who love music as much as you do and it can lead to lifelong friendships! It’s also great because then if you want to walk around the area or just need a bathroom break, you’ve got someone who will watch your stuff and make sure nobody tries to steal your spot in line. 👯‍♀️

While queuing can be overwhelming sometimes, we hope these tips make the day more enjoyable and fun for you! If you follow any of these and think they helped or that we missed anything, let us know on our Instagram or Twitter! 🤩

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