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It's Officially Jimtober! 💜

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann

Being a part of a fandom online is so special not just to the artist you support but for the community you make! But what happens when fans work together to create a global project for an artist they love? This is happening right now during the month of October, where BTS fans are celebrating boy band member Jimin’s birthday, by renaming the month of October “Jimtober”. Even though Jimin’s birthday was on the 13th, fans enthusiastically use the entire month to celebrate his birthday by partaking in various different fan projects! These projects range from animal adoptions, donations to charity, community projects, and even grand scale promotion publicity for Jimin! 🥳

Here is a recap of all the promotional projects that happened around the world in honor of Jimtober! 💖

Beginning in North America, huge billboard ads of Jimin were featured in New York City’s Time Square! As well, banners attached to helicopters flew over the city passing Liberty Island and Ellis Island, where the Statue of Liberty is located! Similar projects happened in Australia, with the route of the helicopters going over the Golden Coast. These events happened for 2 hours on Jimin’s birthday, starting at 10:13 a.m. local time in honor of his birthday, 10/13! 🎉

In Asia, BTS’s fanbase went all out with creating a colorful day to celebrate Jimin’s birthday! Over in South Korea, epic scaled posters and virtual screens of Jimin lined the underground subway lines, being so flashy that at any angle someone would be able see them. The publicity of these posters were so large in quantity and size, that it ensured there was no crowding of people viewing the ads considering the current state of the pandemic. Across the way in Pakistan, it was announced by his fandom that a LED wave advertisement was installed at the Emporium Mall, which showcased photos of Jimin and wished him a happy birthday! Keep in mind that this LED wave advertisement is no small task; this took place at one of the largest shopping centers in the world! 🤩

Over in Russia, fans painted Moscow purple in honor of Jimin’s birthday! At Russia’s largest stadium, Luzhniki Stadium, purple lights took over and shined bright the day of his birthday. Interestingly enough, this was the first time in 55 years that the stadium has not been one of Russia’s national colors - red, white, and blue. How cool is that! 💜

When looking at all these fan projects all over the world, it wouldn’t nearly be possible without the dedicated and strong fanbase BTS has! This doesn’t just come about with fans being devoted to an artist, but with the artist showing their love and appreciation back to their fans! And this is exactly what BTS does! Because of the strong fanbase BTS has created, it has led Jimin to being inducted into the Hall of Fame for Jeonnam Future Education, receiving an award from the Korea Red Cross, and a Certificate of Appreciation from the Korean Committee UNICEF! Jimin has inspired fans to do good work and has shown them the joy of making a positive difference in the world! 🥺

No matter where you are located, how old you are, or how many people you know, you can create fan projects like this too! It just takes the boldness of having an idea and voicing it to the fandom community around you! Who are some of your favorite artists, and what fan projects do you have in mind? 💫

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