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Lizzo's Tour Makes Fans Feel Special🌈

Written By: Gracie Magguilli

It’s About Damn Time! Lizzo kicked off her world tour in Florida in late September and will perform worldwide until March 2023 in London. The highly anticipated tour, titled “Special,” after her new album, speaks for itself. It’s her first time on tour in 3 years, and fans couldn’t wait to see her live! 🌟

Our With The Band Team was fortunate enough to see her show in Nashville, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. Lizzo was just as excited as her fans to scream and sing in Bridgestone Arena, which was full of hype ”Grrrls.” 💎

Did you Miss Me?” That was the first thing Lizzo said to her fans in the arena, and the audience lost their minds! It is clear that her fans truly did miss her. She opened the show with “The Sign'' and “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready),” and right away, it was clear that we were in for a major party. 🎉

Lizzo first took the stage wearing a bedazzled catsuit, and she introduced us to the “Big Grrrls.” Many of the “Big Grrrls” were constants on Lizzo’s Emmy award-winning show “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls.” The winners of the TV competition show got to join Lizzo as the backup dancers for her tour. These women come in all sizes and deliver flawless choreography song after song. Lizzo also introduced the crowd to her band and DJ Sofia. Clearly, everybody on that stage felt confident and valued by the audience and Lizzo herself. We love a woman who can hype her friends up! 💃

She kept the energy up throughout the show's first half but showed off her incredible vocal range when she brought down the "Tempo." She started her heartfelt ballad portion of the show by singing “Naked” while walking down the catwalk. The strategic use of spotlights made her appear as if she was “Naked” to emphasize the song's meaning further. In the next song, “Jerome,” Lizzo was sitting on a couch when she tells the audience: “This is the part of the show called therapy,” which had the audience all in their feelings! Lizzo kept the fans engaged while bringing the house down with killer vocals. 💕

Lizzo also took the time to talk with her fans and make them feel seen. During “Birthday Girl,” Lizzo sent her dancers to the pit to find a literal birthday girl. After they found a lucky birthday girl in the pit, they brought her up on stage to dance with Lizzo! Talk about making an incredible concert memory! Throughout the show, Lizzo shows how deeply she cares about her fans. She talked to the audience consistently, took the time to point out specific signs she loved, and even called one fan’s estranged sister. To top the night off, she invited the audience to join her in affirmations about self-love at the show's end. 🎂

That’s what makes this tour, for lack of a better term, “Special!” The night was all about loving yourself and loving the world around you. Lizzo has made her brand about self-love, but it’s not just her brand. It is who she is. Lizzo believes in everything she proclaims. Her personality, as well as her performances, feel so genuine. 👑

Lizzo is seriously one of the best performers. She has a dynamic voice, and will rap, dance, and play the flute all within a 2-hour show. Who else can do that!? Make sure to go to her show if she is coming to a city near you! You can grab tickets here and follow us on Instagram for all things Lizzo! One thing we know for sure is that Lizzo is an unstoppable powerhouse. She is a star. She is special. 💚

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