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Maggie Rose Fan Crew Launch and Premiere Party 🎵

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Bugg

Listen up Rock ‘n Roll connoisseurs, because rock and blues artist, Maggie Rose, is here to make some noise. On Wednesday, May 5th, 2021, Rose hosted a Zoom concert through her Fan Crew on With the Band! Between song performances, a Q&A with fans, premiering some never-before-seen music videos, and private meet & greet sessions, it was definitely a night we won’t soon forget! 💃

We had a spectacular party with numerous fans joining in to listen to Maggie perform three of her songs during this virtual concert, “Best In Me,” “What Are We Fighting For,” and “Saint.” 😍

Written with the band Them Vibes,

Best In Me” was inspired by, “the

beauty in ‘the Vortex’ on Smith Lake

in Crane Hill, Alabama,” according to Maggie! In this soon-to-be-released acoustic folk/rock song, Maggie sings about someone in her life who truly makes her the best version of herself.

We love it! 💕

What Are We Fighting For” details Maggie’s struggle with questioning how “we lost our way.” The music video, which was played during her Zoom concert, features dreamy neon lights, candles, and Maggie digging into some pomegranates, which also happens to be the subject of the cover art for her single “Saint!” 💥

In “Saint,” Maggie talks about the frustrating feelings that many people experience of feeling like you’re not living up to your own expectations in life. This bluesy song has a rich sound, featuring powerhouse vocals and extremely relatable lyrics. This is the newest single she has released from her upcoming album, Have a Seat, which we are BEYOND excited to hear!!! 🙌

After playing these amazing original songs, Maggie spent some time chatting and just hanging out with her fans! Fans were able to ask Maggie some questions about the upcoming album, tour dates, music video concepts, song lyrics, and what Maggie has planned next! 🌎

Maggie and With the Band then went on to host 5 minute private meet and greet sessions with fans who signed up through Maggie’s Fan Crew on the With the Band app, which was super exciting and extremely fun! Here’s what Maggie had to say about the experience!

“I loved getting to connect with my fans through a private music video launch party

hosted by With the Band! With the Band did a great job coordinating and executing

an awesome virtual experience for my fan base.” 💜

In order to help create these connections between artists and their fans, With the Band has recently launched our new app!! This app allows for both fans and artists to read blog posts, interact in Fan Crews (our modern day version of a fan club), sign up for meet and greets with your favorite artists, and so much more! Maggie used this tool to help set up the Zoom concert! Fan Crews allow people to have closer access to the artists they love and create a community with their fellow fans. With Fan Crews, fans can access livestream concerts (like Maggie’s), meet & greets, interactive content, chances for free concert tickets, and so much more. ✨

For as little at $5 a month, you can join Maggie Rose’s Fan Crew here!

If you want to get more involved in fan communities,

join a Fan Crew or our awesome weekly newsletter!


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