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Miley's Midnight Release 👀🙌🏻🎉

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Megan Vercruysse

Calling all “Smilers,” are you ready for Miley’s new music??? We sure are! In March of this year, Miley let the world know she was working on a “super rock and roll” new album. Due to vocal surgery, the release was postponed, but the time has FINALLY come for us to get a taste of it. Her single, “Midnight Sky” drops TOMORROW, August 14th, and she is releasing her first self-directed music video along with it! We’ve put together a list of all the teasers Miley has posted, and we CAN’T 👏🏻 WAIT!👏🏻

We have been getting teasers all over Miley’s insta since August 5th ranging from music video clips, throwback photos and even a Dua Lipa cameo. 

Miley has also been texting her fans “cryptic ass messages” to promote her new song, that many fans were not expecting. 

Premiering tonight you can also find her featured on the fan-favorite podcast, “Call Her Daddy,” talking music, love, and telling stories of growth with the one and only “single father” host Alex Cooper.

From Hannah Montana to Bangerz, but she has always been true to herself! She is honest with her fanbase and is always 100% down to clown. She never fails to express herself in her music, and we’ve loved seeing her sound grow from album to album. We are excited to see what this Miley era has in store for us, and wish her all the best with this new release! ❤️💋

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