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Miley Cyrus Wants Your ATTENTION! 👀

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

Miley Cyrus has done the most for her loyal fans this past month! From touring South America, to releasing a surprise live album, Miley has proven once again that she always goes the extra mile for her fans. Let’s take a look at Miley’s crazy, incredible last few weeks! 🤍

Late last year, Miley announced that she would be doing a trio of shows in March in South America: Lollapalooza Argentina, Asunciónico Festival Paraguay, and Lollapalooza Brazil. The singer was ecstatic to make her first appearance in South America after nearly seven years away. The first of these shows took place on March 18th, 2022 in Buenos Aires. Miley rocked the house for thousands of fans and broke out old favorites like, “7 Things,” and “Party in the USA.” Miley took to Twitter to show deep appreciation for her fans, posting numerous pictures and videos with them. She also began a series of tweets demanding “attention.” Hmmm… 🤔

Though this tour started off on such a high note, Miley and her team unfortunately encountered some terrible luck during their time in South America. While flying from Argentina to Paraguay to play the Asunciónico Festival, their plane got struck by lightning. This prompted an emergency landing, but thankfully, everybody on board was alright. Miley shared on Twitter that the bolt had struck the edge of one of the wings of the plane, thankfully not creating a detrimental situation. However, this unforeseen event caused Miley to miss the festival. Devastated that she could not play for her fans, she shared her apologies and her excitement about playing Brazil a few days later. 🌎

Unfortunately for Miley, this cancellation of Asunciónico Festival would result in her missing her last opportunity to see a lifelong friend. On March 25th, 2021, Foo Fighters legendary drummer, Taylor Hawkins, passed away. Miley and Taylor, both being headliners, were supposed to cross paths at this Paraguayan festival. 💔

After a small break in between shows, Miley was ready to give Lollapalooza Brazil her all. In an emotional address, she took a moment to share with her audience all that she had been through in the past few days. She went on to dedicate that performance to her friend, Taylor Hawkins. This touching, stellar performance really resonated with fans and Miley alike, and Miley broke a Lollapalooza Brazil record for largest audience with 103,000 in attendance! Little did fans know that even after all she had been through, Miley was still thinking of them and had a surprise up her sleeve! 😎

Hours after this performance, Miley took to Twitter once more to officially announce her new live album, ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE. The album was set for release on April 1st and would feature songs curated by fans for fans. Primarily featuring performances from her Super Bowl Weekend Gig in Los Angeles, this album contains songs that span Miley’s career. From “Wrecking Ball,” to covers like Dolly Parton’s, “Jolene,” Miley released a whopping twenty songs! This album really showcases Miley’s adoration for her fans, as this is really an unforgettable project! 🤩

In the midst of chaos and excitement, Miley announced to fans that she unfortunately came down with Covid while returning from South America. She shared that she was, “feeling fine,” and it was, “definitely worth it.” Unfortunately, this resulted in Miley missing out on performing at Steven Tyler’s Grammys watch party, but the good news is that she is on the road to recovery! Miley is the definition of resilient! 💪🏽

Between the highs and lows, Miley Cyrus has proven to always pull through for her fans. She is such a strong icon of this generation, and she will remain a fan favorite for years to come. Her perseverance is admirable, and we are so happy to look up to her! 😍

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