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My Jonas Brothers Fan Experience

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by, Karmen Allison

This week’s blog post is written by a With the Band member and Jonas Brothers fan, Karmen! She wrote a meaningful entry about how it felt to be a part of our “Thank You For Coming Back to Us” fan project.

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a huge fan project where you make your favorite artist cry? Well, I was a part of an experience that reached that benchmark. Last Tuesday, September 10, 2019, I attended the Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins Tour in Nashville, TN at the Bridgestone Arena. As I filed into the arena with my best friend, we made our way to our floor seats in Section K, Row 8. When we arrived at our seats, I noticed signs on the seats. The first thing I read was “With the Band” and initially thought we were in the wrong seats. After I picked up the sign, I read that it was a surprise for the band. It stated that we were to hold up the signs for the song Comeback as a way to give back to the band that has brought us so much happiness. I flipped it over and saw that the sign read, “Thank You For Coming Back To Us.” I knew immediately that I would be emotional as ever when the time came to lift up the sign.

I will admit that I had a brief thought of wondering if it was truly a surprise and if we were the first to do it. That doubt went away though when they started playing "Comeback". When Kevin sat at the piano and Nick and Joe entered the stage to begin singing the lyrics of the song, everyone held up their signs high and proud. The first thing I noticed was Nick looking to see what 16,000 people were holding up. As he read the signs closer to him, he was taken aback. I could see the emotion and admiration in his face all the way from my seat. He said, “wow” quietly to the crowd. After that moment, I got super emotional and began to feel the tears rolling down my cheeks as I held my sign and sang throughout the rest of the song. It was amazing to see everyone truly become one under the Jonas family. I noticed Joe wipe a tear during the performance, and I could instantly tell that we had all left a lasting impression. [Check out the video below to see their reaction to the fan project.]

As the song finished, Nick and Joe joined Kevin at the piano, Joe leaning against the piano and Nick sitting on the stairs in front. They ended the song and sat looking out at the crowd while we all screamed as loud as we could, wild with Jonas fever. They sat wiping tears and repeating hushed wows. Then, they embraced each other, and more tears rolled down my face. To describe this experience in one word would be “grateful.” I cannot express enough my gratitude for With the Band. I have loved this band since I was ten years old. They have always cheered me up when I am down, and their music has always spoken louder than words. They have brought me friendship, happiness, and pure joy. This was an AMAZING way to finally get to show my love and appreciation for the three single humans who have brought me so much happiness in my life. I can only imagine that seeing 16,000 signs showing our love left them feeling very appreciated.

The entire experience proved to be a true surprise and a one-of-a-kind moment. It was clear we were a unique fan project and that we left a lasting impression. It is honestly amazing to think that we were all a part of a single moment that the Jonas Brothers will never forget. Every time I hear the song "Comeback" now, I immediately remember that moment, and tears spring to my eyes again. A true thank you to With the Band for organizing this event and giving me a memory I will NEVER forget!


Thanks Karmen for sharing your awesome fan experience with us!

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