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One Direction 10 Year Anniversary

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Hoffman

One Direction’s 10-year anniversary is almost here, and we allllll want to know what is going to happen! A lot has changed in the last few years for them. Liam and Louis are dads, and Zayn has a kid on the way. Niall has a new girlfriend, and Harry is reading us bedtime stories to soothe our souls and help us sleep, but what is next!? The boys have been dropping hints and fans everywhere are speculating about what to expect on July 23rd. Here are some of the most popular theories of what will happen for their big 10th anniversary.

All 5 Getting Back Together- Recently, all four of the remaining members and the official One Direction account followed Zayn on Twitter. Google has updated Zayn’s description from ‘ex-member’ to ‘vocalist’, and Apple Music has updated their banner to a photo of all 5 of them. Since leaving the band, Zayn has made comments about not enjoying his time in the band. Could this mean that they have put all that behind them and come together for this?!

New Song- Some clues have been left behind on that a One Direction TikTok fan account has found. If you search ‘five’ on One Direction’s Genius page, it teases a song said to be coming on July 23, 2020, called Five Again (a fantastic follow-up title to FOUR)!!! It even lists the artists as ZAYN (his current and updated stage name), Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and 2 more. It’s safe to be a little skeptical as this is not a clue left by an official One Direction account, but another girl on TikTok found a very similar clue. She found a song called Five to be released on October 5, 2020. Genius is sometimes referred to as the “Wikipedia of music” so this could be some sick person watching us get our hopes up, but how incredible would a new song be?!!

A New Tour- All 1D die-hard fangirls are familiar with Paul Higgins (their old bodyguard). Well, he posted something tease-y on his Instagram on April 28, 2020. His photo of a combine harvester that looks suspiciously like an outdoor festival left a pretty big clue. His caption says “Please God not too long b4 we are ALL BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN !”, but the real magic is in the hashtags. #OTRA (their last tour was On The Road Again) and #BOTRA, Back On The Road maybe? It is safe to say if this is the plan, it has probably been postponed a little along with all other tours. If it is true, I will finally have a use for my emergency 1D funds!

New Album- I am personally very hopeful for an album of their unreleased songs! Los 40, a Spanish magazine/radio station, shared an article that described that there would be a group appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden. In addition, it said the boys are releasing a new album of their greatest hits plus unreleased singles. We also should be able to trust this particular radio station as they brought us the iconic Niall and Harry interview that answered the hard-hitting question of “Who is Olivia?” Is she Olivia even a person? Is Olivia an emotion? We still don’t know!

And here are all the hints that the boys have casually dropped about it:

· Louis, Liam, Harry, and Niall have all spoken of a potential reunion as they are only on a hiatus, but no one has given any detail.

· In January, Louis has said that a reunion is “inevitable”. He said he brought it up often when in communication with his bandmates.

· However, in 2019, Liam said that the reunion has yet to be in the works and was “at least 2 years away.”

· But in April of this year, Liam did point out that they were working on a special project for their 10-year anniversary.

Something is coming either way, but I am desperate for details! The Drag Me Down video was released in the middle of the night without warning so we cannot let our guard down! Many fans are saying they will be staying up from the night before to the night after just so they don’t miss anything. Anything could happen at any time and I can’t waitttt!

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