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One Direction: Where We Are in 2022! 🌎

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

It is hard to believe that this year will be 12 years since the dawn of our fav boy-band of the last decade: One Direction. We are officially one month into 2022, and we want to see what our five favorite boys are up to! With lots on the horizon for the music industry this year, let’s take a look at what the 1D boys each have in store for us! 😍

Harry Styles

Harry Styles is non-stop! The newly 28-year-old singer, actor, and fashion icon left 2021 on a high note and is not slowing down any time soon. This year opened up with Harry confirming that Love on Tour 2022 is a go in Europe and South America! Beginning on June 11 in Glasgow, Harry is upgrading to playing stadiums this tour, and we are SO excited! This 33-show tour sold out in mere minutes and put him on track to break a record as the first solo X Factor participant to sell out a stadium tour. One of the venues we will see Harry play, not one, but TWO nights in is the iconic Wembley Stadium in London. When he toured his debut album, Harry Styles, in 2017, he played Eventim Apollo in London which holds roughly 5,000 people. For context, Wembley seats 90,000!! As a band, One Direction played three nights at Wembley during the Where We Are tour in 2014. Although we would love a 1D reunion show at Wembley, we could not be more proud to see Harry on that stage! 🎤

He’s not stopping there, though. On top of playing 33 shows across two continents, Harry will also be headlining Coachella on April 15th and 22nd. This will mark the first time he has headlined a major music festival, and we cannot wait to see his performances! This news has fans speculating that Harry might also headline Glastonbury Festival in England. Though only a rumor, we would not be surprised to see Harry killing it at this iconic festival! 🌟

As if Harry was not already doing the most, we were lucky enough to actually get to see Harry transform for the Marvel Universe into Eros, a.k.a Stafox, for the movie Eternals. Harry looked beautiful as the brother of Thanos, and we can only hope for more! We can also expect to finally see him in Don’t Worry Darling later this year! With a release date set for September 23, we cannot wait to see him play the role of Jack alongside Florence Pugh this fall! We are also hopeful that we will see Harry starring in My Policeman this year. Fingers crossed! 🤞🏽

On top of everything Harry has going, he also announced and released his Pleasing line! But, if there is one question we are all asking it is: what about HS3? We know that Harry has hinted to fans via social media about new music, but no official date is set. With Fine Line turning two years old in December, fans are itching for new music! With all that Harry has going on, we respect that the album may not come as soon as we may like, but we are still super excited! ✨

Louis Tomlinson

Harry is not the only One Direction boy with a tour right around the corner! We are so excited that after being postponed due to COVID in early 2020, Louis Tomlinson is finally headed out on tour! Starting in Dallas, Texas on February 1, Louis’ self-titled tour will extend through the beginning of September and hit six continents! We are so excited for Louis to embark on his first solo tour!! 🥳

There is also speculation of new music from Louis! He has been frequently posting about working hard in the studio with many pictures to prove it. Since his debut album Walls was released in early 2020, Louis has been talking about a new project. Judging by social media, he is clearly very proud of the new music he has been working on and can’t wait to share it. LT2 is very much anticipated by fans, and we cannot wait to see what Louis will give us in 2022! 👀

Not only are fans speculating an album, though. Although just a rumor, there is talk of Louis potentially putting together a documentary! In March 2021, a fan tweeted Louis and asked if he had thought about making a documentary, to which Louis replied, “Already on it love.” We have been thinking about this ever since that day! Louis could include so much in a documentary from the transition of going solo, to the process behind creating music and beyond! We know Louis has so much to say, and we would love to listen. A Louis Tomlinson documentary would be the perfect addition to 2022! 🤩

Liam Payne

Up next is Liam! Liam will be playing a virtual show on February 12th! Although no tour arrangements are set in the near future, this is just what we need to get us through! He will host four supporting artists, and everyone is so excited for this show! Originally scheduled for January 29, the show had to be rescheduled because Liam unfortunately announced that he had tested positive for Covid-19 just days before the original date. Nevertheless, we are wishing him a speedy recovery, and our anticipation is building to see his amazing show! You can watch the livestream here on February 12th at 2PM CST and rewatch it for 48 hours after the initial event! 🎶

Liam has also taken up an interest with NFTs recently! NFTs are digital assets that are bought and sold online and represent real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. Liam has been into the digital art side of this emerging trend, specifically art by the Twitter creator @doodles. He is encouraging fans to check out his NFT-dedicated Twitter account where he shares the latest pieces he has bought, as well as promotes artists behind NFTs. Liam seems to be moving toward creating some artwork of his own, sharing photos of some of his art on Instagram in late 2020! We love a multi-talented king! ✍️

There are no confirmed sources of Liam making or releasing new music at the moment, but you can stream his latest single, “Sunshine” here! ☀️

Niall Horan

Niall has also been very into his hobbies lately. He is a global ambassador for The R&A, the organization that puts on The Open and Womens’ Open and promotes golf to people around the world in hopes of inspiring a new part of peoples’ lives. He has also been very vocal about a movement called #SaveDerbyCounty, where people are coming together to protest the lack of funding to their favorite team. Niall has expressed concern about the possible end of the team that he and so many others grew up with, and is using his voice to draw attention to the cause. ⚽️

As far as new music, Niall has teased writing and being in the studio here and there on his social media accounts. He has assured us that he is working on NH3, but it may be a while until it is ready to be enjoyed by fans around the world. For now, we can keep Niall’s most recent release, “Our Song” on repeat and watch some of his best, laugh-out-loud TikToks while we wait! 🤣


Though we have not heard much from Zayn in terms of music, he has been working with sunglass company Arnette on a unique collaboration for a while now! Zayn’s collection features four pairs of glasses that are perfect reflections of his creativity and daring style. 😎

With no prospects of new music on the horizon, we can sit back, relax, and listen to Nobody is Listening as it turns one year old! 🥰

Between all of the projects each of the boys has embarked on, this will surely be an exciting year! Whether you are most excited for Harry’s acting career to continue or for Louis’ debut tour to start, there is something for every One Direction fan to look forward to in 2022! 🎉

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