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Our Favorite Artists and Their Projects Outside of Music 😎

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann


We are officially in the month of November, which means Thanksgiving is just around the corner! We are so grateful for many things at With the Band - an amazing team, healthy friends and family, Taylor Swift's album coming out…these are just a couple things on our list! But one thing we are definitely thankful for are the projects our fav artists have outside of music! Some of the artists we love have branched out and found passions in other areas, such as makeup lines, fashion, and nonprofits, which we think is so cool because they are able to pour their creativity into other areas! 🤗

Just in case you don’t know about some of these projects, here is our list of artist projects we are OBSESSED with, very thankful for, and where you can find them! 💜

Ariana Grande - REM Beauty

The queen of spacey-pop with a mix of funk, Ariana Grande has done just that with her new makeup line r.e.m. beauty, which is launching November 12th. The first drop titled “Chapter One,” will consist of 12 products ranging from eye shadows, shimmery highlighter, and of course an eye liner that will help us achieve that cat-eye look that Ariana rocks all too well! The brand is already anticipated to be amazing by fans all around the world and we definitely can’t wait! 🤍

Justin Bieber - Drew House

What might be one of the most popular and well known clothing brands, Justin Bieber and swag coach/mentor/cofounder Ryan Good created the brand “drew house.” The brand is easily identifiable, with the most popular item being a hoodie with a smiley face graphic on it. Though it may seem like Justin is busy 24/7 with music, touring, and just living life, Ryan Good confirms that Justin is heavily involved in the process of conceptualizing drew house. As testament to how well drew house does, their first-ever drop sold out in 5 minutes!! So in case you are in search of wanting some of their items, the best way to have a chance at snagging a cool clothing piece is by signing up for their mailing list, which will give you all the info about when their next drop will be! 😃

Rihanna - Fenty & SAVAGE X FENTY

Though Rihanna has not released any new music recently, she certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed in the public eye. Rather, she has evolved from pop star to billionaire with her two brands Fenty and SAVAGE X FENTY! With Fenty being a cosmetic line and SAVAGE X FENTY being a lingerie line, both celebrate fearlessness, confidence, and inclusivity! Rihanna has been very open about this being her core message throughout her two brands, which is something we admire and look up to so much! From makeup that ranges from light to dark skin colors, to a lingerie line that has a section for men, Rihanna truly includes everyone in the Fenty & SAVAGE X FENTY world no matter your color, gender, race, or identity! ❤️‍🔥

Chance the Rapper - SocialWorks

Founded by Grammy award winning artist Chance the Rapper, SocialWorks aims to empower youth through arts, education, and civic engagement! The nonprofit directly supports Chicago’s Public Schools, raising money to help the city’s most at-risk youth. Giving back to the community is something that Chance has always been outspoken about, which is inspiring to see his love for his city and where he came from! We love to see how artists feel so much pride for the cities they come from by wanting to give back to the city that has shaped them into the person they are today and improve the city's conditions so that other people have the same opportunities! 🥳

Selena Gomez - Rare Beauty, Executive Producer, & Actress