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Pink, AJR, Jonas Brothers and More Show Off their Talent at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards 🏆

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Bugg

On May 23rd, this past Sunday, the music industry returned to some normalcy when the Billboard Music Awards aired on NBC. DJ Khaled, H.E.R., and Migos kicked off the night with a performance of their new song, “We Going Crazy.” Then, it was revealed that none other than Nick Jonas himself would be hosting the show!!! 😍

Even though Nick had hosting duties all night, that didn’t stop him from taking the stage to show off his beautiful voice. Of course, he couldn’t do this alone, so the whole JoBro crew came together to perform at the show! The Jonas Brothers, joined by Marshmello, sang their new song “Leave Before You Love Me.” This sultry tune had everyone in the audience (and watching at home) straight up swooning! 💘

After their collab with Marshmello, the Jonas Brothers sang a bit of their hit that kicked off their reunion - “Sucker!!” Then, they played a medley of their songsOnly Human,” “Remember This” (soon to be released), and ended off the magical performance by singing “What a Man Gotta Do.

It may not be 2009, and the Jonas Brothers may not be on the

Disney Channel anymore, but we are still hardcore fangirling over them! ✨

There were several amazing performances that we still can’t get over, but one of our favorites over here at With the Band had to be Pink’s. The Billboard Icon award winner invited her daughter, Willow, to help kick off her 8 minute performance by doing some incredible acrobatic work together.

It was stunning!!! After their routine, Pink sang a medley of her most popular songs, including “Who Knew,” and “Just Give Me a Reason!” You can catch us with that performance on constant repeat. 💥

AJR also had an energetic performance

at the BBMA’s. To kick off their set, AJR performed their alternative-pop hit, “Bang!” Then, after showing off some fun dance moves, they smoothly transitioned into their next song, “Way Less Sad.” This outdoor performance was filled with fireworks, colorful backdrops and a very entertained crowd.

After AJR released their album OK ORCHESTRA this past March, we were super excited to see performances of their new songs, and after watching their set at the BBMA’s, we can easily say that we were not disappointed!! 🖤

Moving on to the awards, by the end of the night,

it became clear that The Weeknd was swimming

in success. The Weeknd won TEN awards at the ceremony, including top artist and top hot 100 artist! This makes The Weeknd’s career total award count for the Billboard Awards 19! WOW!!! 🏅

The Weeknd wasn’t the only award winner to cause a commotion, though. When Drake took the stage to accept the award for Artist of the Decade (which is huge, by the way), his adorable son, Adonis, got a little bit understandably overwhelmed. Near the end of Drake’s acceptance speech, his 3-year-old son started crying - which we found to be

adorable, TBH.

After over a decade of success, Drake thanked his family, friends, mentors and collaborators for helping him get to where he is today. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Drake and all the other amazing artists who appeared at the 2021 BBMA’s. 🎶

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