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Ranking All of Harry Styles' European Love On Tour Outfits ✨

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Written by: Kylie Connet

Harry has been putting on show after show ever since his third album, Harry's House, came out in May and we have been absolutely living to see what outfit he gives us each night. Previously, we ranked all 42 of his 2021 North American Love On Tour outfits so we're back to do it again. Keep reading to find out our number 1 pick! 🤩

23. Berlin, Germany

In last place, we have Harry's outfit from Berlin. While we are so here for mixing patterns, the inverted colors on the pants makes this look a little hard on the eyes when paired with the top. Great idea but just a little bit busy for our tastes! 🤔

22. Budapest, Hungary

Yellow! Normally we love seeing this color on him but the mismatched tones mixed with the polka dots threw us off this time. 💛

21. Madrid, Spain

More yellow and patterns! Harry seems to be very into the bright colors this tour. We think the shirt and pants could both be great as separate pieces but they aren't our favorite together. 😅

20. Antwerp, Belgium

Harry's shirt in this outfit is actually part of a set that includes his pants from Madrid. We love the creativity in separating the set but with the busyness of this pattern, we think it would have been better as a co-ord. 🧐

19. Oslo, Norway

Polka dots seem to be a trend on this tour and while we're not mad about it, we would have loved to see more variety. It also seems like Harry's pants could have been a little better fitted here. 👖

18. Krakow, Poland

Harry really went for a "Watermelon Sugar" vibe here and while it is fun, it's lacking his usual pizzaz. We would have loved to see it completed with some fun jewelry and different shoes! 👟

17. Hamburg, Germany

Again, we have a co-ord set that was split (see Budapest outfit). In the picture that Harry Lambert, Harry's stylist posted before the show, it looks like he was planning on wearing his red shoes but opted for green. We love the chunky beaded necklace in this outfit! 😁

16. Bologna, Italy

We love seeing Harry in overalls because nobody can pull them off quite like he can! We think the look could have had more risks taken but we love the idea and the silhouette of this is perfect. 😇

15. Dublin, Ireland

Speaking of risks, Harry definitely took a big one stepping out in this chevron patterned, mint green jumpsuit channeling all of 2013's biggest trends. The collar and belt especially are what make it so unique and playful. 🍀

14. Cologne, Germany

In Cologne, he had beautiful matching set that was paired perfectly with his red Gucci sneakers. We love the color on Harry and think he looks like a total rockstar. 🎸

13. Munich, Germany

We're obsessed with these two-toned leather pants. Once again, Harry looks amazing in the red and pink. We think the color of the leather is so unique and fun for tour. 💞

12. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Another matching outfit! This one is similar to the Cologne outfit but in much softer colors. The baby blue and pink give total Fine Line vibes and we love it. 🥰

11. Turin, Italy

Turin was given one of the most colorful looks of the entire tour leg with this glittery rainbow jumpsuit. The colors, which are softer than regular rainbow colors, blend so well together and the pizzaz we were looking for from Harry was definitely there! 🌈

10. Stockholm, Sweden

At number 10, this simplistic outfit is one of our favorites. The red glitter heart paired with the baby blue leather pants is so cute and the red shoes tie the whole look together. ❤️

9. Vienna, Austria

We always love to see Harry reference his own songs in his outfits and this nod to "Kiwi" is so much fun. While the shirt by itself would have been alright, its pairing with the checkered pants really elevates the outfit to something more. 🥝

8. Lisbon, Portugal

This night, Harry decided to wear a shirt from his very own Gucci collection! The collection is a collaboration between Harry and Alessandro Michele, which will launch in October. This shirt features an adorable bear with lyrics from "Watermelon Sugar" and the two-toned pants make an appearance again to complete the outfit.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

This color combo is everything to us. We love how the red, purple, and blue all contrast yet are still so cohesive. The details on the side of the pant legs are so much fun and give the outfit exactly what it needed to make the top 10. 🤗

6. Manchester, England (Night 2)

For the second night in Manchester, Harry chose to go with an adorable overalls look. This outfit is so youthful which we think is so fitting for a hometown show and the pop of red with the shoes is so perfect! 🥹

5. London, England (Night 2)

At Wembley Stadium, Harry stepped out looking like a true rockstar in a glitter tank top and white leather pants. He was the physical embodiment of a disco ball in the absolute best way. We always love glitter and sequins on him! 🪩

4. Paris, France

With another glittery fruit shirt, Harry made yet another song reference in his outfit choice. This "Cherry" themed shirt was perfectly paired with some pinstripe trousers for an effortless Parisian style. 🍒

3. London, England (Night 1)

Again, nobody can pull off overalls quite like Harry does and he proved it on his first night at Wembley Stadium. This look is just so cute and we love that he decided to pair a chunky pink necklace with the pattern. 💌

2. Manchester, England (Night 1)

In Manchester we saw a nod to Harry's previous Coachella look with these super fun pants! More glittery fruits make an appearance here on the shirt and we love it so much. ✨

1. Glasgow, Scotland

Coming in at number 1 is Harry's Glasgow outfit! We adore everything about this look; from the sequin strawberries to the blue and yellow that contrast so well with the red. The mirror details on the pants and collar elevated the whole thing to be the tour outfit of our dreams. 🍓💛

While we love Harry, sometimes his looks aren't our style but he will continue be a fashion icon. The rest of Love On Tour continues in North America in August 2022. Make sure you have your tickets ready because we know Harry will show up with outfits just as good for this upcoming tour leg! 🫶

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