Ranking All 42 of Harry Styles' Love On Tour Outfits! 💕

Updated: Jun 29

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

He’s got style in his name for a reason! In honor of Harry announcing his Europe and South America 2022 tour dates, we are taking a look back at his amazing Love On Tour fashion! Come with us on the journey to rank all 42 of Harry Styles’ North American Love On Tour outfits! 🥳

42. Atlanta, GA - Night 2

While we have established that Harry looks great in red, there was not much dimension to this monochromatic outfit! ❤️

41. Raleigh, NC

Harry displayed different shades of red from head to toe!

40. Cleveland, OH

A more subtle take on the Tampa outfit, Harry looked stunning in Cleveland!

39. Atlanta, GA - Night 1

The subtle black design on the shirt paired nicely with Harry’s vibrant red pants!

38. Sunrise, FL

The white pants allowed this bright red shirt to get the spotlight it deserved!

37. Chicago, IL - Night 2

Red on red seemed to be a trend this tour! We love this simple red lace Harry showed us in Chicago.

36. Uncasville, CT - Night 2

We love this champagne top on Harry, but the bright red pants distracted a bit from the beauty and simplicity of the shirt...Harry still served in this outfit!

35. Uncasville, CT - Night 1

A very bold color combination was showcased at the first Uncasville show!

34. Tacoma, WA

Bringing back the sparkly purple, Harry wore this shirt with “Love on Tour green” pants.

33. Philadelphia, PA

Harry owned the Fine Line colors in this elegant Philadelphia outfit!