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Ranking All 42 of Harry Styles' Love On Tour Outfits! 💕

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Written by: Abbie Alonzo

He’s got style in his name for a reason! In honor of Harry announcing his Europe and South America 2022 tour dates, we are taking a look back at his amazing Love On Tour fashion! Come with us on the journey to rank all 42 of Harry Styles’ North American Love On Tour outfits! 🥳

42. Atlanta, GA - Night 2

While we have established that Harry looks great in red, there was not much dimension to this monochromatic outfit! ❤️

41. Raleigh, NC

Harry displayed different shades of red from head to toe!

40. Cleveland, OH

A more subtle take on the Tampa outfit, Harry looked stunning in Cleveland!

39. Atlanta, GA - Night 1

The subtle black design on the shirt paired nicely with Harry’s vibrant red pants!

38. Sunrise, FL

The white pants allowed this bright red shirt to get the spotlight it deserved!

37. Chicago, IL - Night 2

Red on red seemed to be a trend this tour! We love this simple red lace Harry showed us in Chicago.

36. Uncasville, CT - Night 2

We love this champagne top on Harry, but the bright red pants distracted a bit from the beauty and simplicity of the shirt...Harry still served in this outfit!

35. Uncasville, CT - Night 1

A very bold color combination was showcased at the first Uncasville show!

34. Tacoma, WA

Bringing back the sparkly purple, Harry wore this shirt with “Love on Tour green” pants.

33. Philadelphia, PA

Harry owned the Fine Line colors in this elegant Philadelphia outfit!

32. Portland, OR

A subtle but fabulous combination, Harry rocked pale blue pants with a lace black shirt!

31. Denver, CO

This pattern and color combination is a lovely statement outfit!

30. San Diego, CA

Harry created our new favorite color combination by putting mint green and baby blue together! ⭐️

29. Milwaukee, WI

This outfit is simple, but effective (timestamp 16:59...iykyk)! The burnt orange lace is, in our opinion, underrated for how beautiful and stylish it is!

28. Pittsburgh, PA

A classy iridescent silver top and black pants combo was all the rage in Pittsburgh!

27. Tampa, FL

Harry stepped out in a unique combination of a coral colored shirt and Tiffany blue pants. ✨

26. San Antonio, TX

There’s something about Harry rocking purple in Texas! The trend continued with this shimmery, taffy purple shirt and white pants.

25. San Jose, CA

We love this vibrant pink and red pairing! 💖

24. Boston, MA

Orlando 2.0? Though we feel like we have seen this before, Harry’s Boston outfit featured a cream colored sequin shirt in lieu of a blue one!

23. Dallas, TX

Harry was GLOWING on stage in this marvelous, soft colored button up! 🤍

22. New York City, NY - Night 3

Harry drove fans crazy with this classy sheer, black shirt and off-white pants combination.

21. Sacramento, CA

Sacramento brought us a look similar to Orlando in an angelic purple color.

20. St. Paul, MN

We loved St. Louis so much that Harry gave it to us again in blue!

19. Washington, D.C.

We are living for the delicate purple flowers that adorned Harry’s shirt in Washington D.C. 🌸

18. Detroit, MI

This just in: Harry Styles created iridescent pants.

17. New York City, NY - Night 2

Harry makes us live for patterned pants! New York City night saw the first of this trend with these unique, polka dot pants.

16. Chicago, IL - Night 1

Who knew lavender pants and a sparkly black shirt could look so good?? 💜

15. Los Angeles, CA - Night 3

Harry blessed Los Angeles with another open, glittery fringe vest!

14. St. Louis, MO

Harry proved that orange really can be the new black! No one rocks it quite like Mr. Styles! 🧡

13. Glendale, AZ

The beautiful lace and sequin patterned pants with the whimsical, loose shirt was an unforgettable moment of Love On Tour.

12. Orlando, FL

Harry graced Orlando with another alluring blue number.

11. Los Angeles, CA - Night 2

This gleaming black suit was absolutely BREATHTAKING!

10. Long Island, NY

The fringe vest strikes again! Harry took this fashion trend and really made it his own this tour. 🤩

9. Little Rock, AR

This dazzling blue top coupled with the baby blue pants was such a well-coordinated, under appreciated look!

8. Houston, TX

The soft glow emitted from this beautiful outfit left us in a trance.

7. Harryween - Night 2

The attention to detail in this clown costume is transcendent! From the intricate lace to the sparkling moon, the uniqueness of this piece is show stopping.

6. Harryween - Night 1

Harry’s timeless Dorothy costume left fans’ jaws on the floor! Complete with sparkly red heels, Harry owned Halloween!

5. Las Vegas, NV

Harry started off Love on Tour with a bang in this outfit! This vibrant fringe vest laid the groundwork for the fashion show that was Harry’s North American tour.

4. Los Angeles, CA - Night 1

Gorgeous in green! This velvet set stands out with its rich color and intricate designs.

3. New York City, NY - Night 1

Harry dazzled fans with this funky, black feather jacket that was unlike anything he had shown us this tour! 🖤

2. Nashville, TN - Night 2

Having set high expectations the night before, Harry did not disappoint with his Nashville night two outfit! 💫

1. Nashville, TN - Night 1

One word: speechless. For the first night of With the Band's hometown show, Harry created quite a frenzy with this gorgeous, glistening, open-facing suit! 😍

We LOVED getting to see Harry in all of these outfits! With his European and South American tour recently confirmed, we cannot wait to see what is next! 🥰

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