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Ringing in the New Year with Miley Cyrus 🎉

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Emily Hume

It’s 2022! We welcomed the new year by celebrating with none other than Miley Cyrus and her co-host Pete Davidson! Miley and Pete hosted an amazing NYE party in Miami, and we are here to tell you about all of the incredible performances. From a classic cover with her sister, to the surprise of a new song, here are some of the highlights! 💖

The night opened with a parody performance of Will Smith’sMiami” by both Miley and Pete. In classic comedic form, Pete could be heard rapping, “Watch me rap on beat in the Florida heat, cause I’m the star of the show,” while Miley followed up by saying, “Oh, shut up, Pete!” Miley then went on to absolutely rock the chorus of the song to celebrate the city they were in!! 🏝

To kick things off: Saweetie!! Miley had been gracious enough to her fans to share some behind the scenes pics of their rehearsals, so this wasn’t a surprise performance…but we never knew how much we needed these two superstars to perform together! Saweetie opened with her massive hit “Tap-In.” Then with a flawless transition, “Icy Chain” was up next! 💎

This was only the beginning, and we were so excited to see Anitta join Saweetie on stage to perform “Faking Love!!” With stellar rock and hip-hop vibes, the blend of these two was a perfect celebration for all music fans. But this was just the start to the amazing night of star studded collabs!! 🤘🏻

Saweetie then joined Miley for a new take on “Party in the USA” by bringing in her own song “Best Friend!” These two know how to perform, and this was a great way to celebrate the new year!! Miley and Saweetie are all about female empowerment, and we loved getting to see this right at the start of the year! 💫

The events of this night were so excellent, that even Pete himself joked about feeling out of place at such a cool event, and with Brandi Carlile’s time to shine up next, we would imagine feeling a bit lost too. 🤣

Miley and Brandi showed off their incredible rock n roll powerhouse vocals with songs “The Story” and Miley’s forever classic, “The Climb.” During a guitar solo, Miley also spoke to how inspiring Brandi is, saying, “It’s chicks like her who make me wanna do what I do.” These two are so inspiring to us as well, and getting to see them on stage together, was such an honor. We only hope there is more of this to come! 🤗

None other than Jack Harlow himself stopped by to perform! He brought the party with a medley of his hits “SUVs (Black on Black),” “Whats Poppin,” and of course his song with Lil Nas X, “Industry Baby.” With lines like, “All my brags turn to facts,” this is the energy we need going into 2022! 🎊

The night was filled with so many incredible performances and featured guests. Brandi returned to sing “Total Eclipse of the Heart'' by Bonnie Tyler and no surprise here, it was amazing. 24kGoldn joined the show to perform his hit “Mood” and his fresh take on “More Than Friends.” Maybe one of the most incredible moments of the night was watching Miley and her sister Noah perform “Jolene” by Miley’s own godmother, Dolly Parton! It was sooo breathtaking to see these two sisters join together on stage to celebrate the new year by singing such a legendary song! ⭐️

Miley surprised fans by singing a new, unreleased song titled, “You,” and the performance was stellar! We can’t wait to have this song! She dazzled the audience with her cover of “Heart of Glass” and her single “Plastic Hearts!” Miley also delivered a performance of “We Can’t Stop” as the show was winding down, and the party was just heating up! It was Miami after all! 😎

Miley and Pete put on such a good show, and it was great getting to ring in the new year with some laughter and celebration of incredible talent! We are ready for you, 2022! 💜

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