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Speak Now (Taylor's Version): Everything We Know So Far 💜

Written by: Katie Curran

We are less than 13 days until Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)'s release, and we are absolutely freaking out! Fans have been speculating about this release for a long time, and have been eagerly awaiting it since Taylor announced the release at the first of her Nashville shows in May. This week, we’re making sure you’re well prepared. Here is everything we know about Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)! 💜

1. Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will have 22 tracks

The original Speak Now album had 14 tracks, but Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will have a total of 22! Because she released “If This Was A Movie (Taylor's Version” as a single during the Fearless (Taylor's Version) era, it is the only song from the original era not to feature on the record. Fans have theorized that she did this because “If This Was A Movie” was the only song on Speak Now to have a co-writer, and this time around she wanted to be the sole songwriter. Also on the record are 6 brand-new “From the Vault” tracks, which we cannot wait to hear! 🥰

2. There are *two* collaborations on the project

While Speak Now was basically an entirely self-written album upon its original release, Taylor has revealed that there will be two features on the Vault tracks! In an Instagram post, she revealed that, because the album highlighted her songwriting, she went to two artists who influenced her “most powerfully as a lyricist at that time.” Hayley Williams of Paramore and Fall Out Boy will feature on “Castles Crumbling” and “Electric Touch,” respectively, and we are freaking out about it! Before the tracklist was announced and as fans had begun theorizing the Vault tracks, Hayley was given a Speak Now bracelet by a fan at an event and all but confirmed her feature! 😱

3. There are no announced music videos… yet!

The Speak Now era had some of Taylor’s most iconic music videos, and fans have been eager to learn if there will be any more! As of right now, Taylor has not announced any music videos for the album. However, as most Swifties know, it never hurts to keep an eye out for any easter eggs! In the “Midnights Mayhem” series lead-up to Midnights, Taylor Nation announced a surprise music video that would be released on the same day as the album. Recently, Taylor was spotted flying to Liverpool in between the Eras Tour dates and even filming something in the middle of the night. So, Swifties, keep your eyes open! 🧐

4. You can pre-order the album on vinyl and CD

If you’re as excited as we are about Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), then you’ll be eager to know that the album is available for pre-order! There are currently two vinyl pressings, Orchid and Violet-colored, on Taylor Swift’s website, and you can even buy it on CD! You can also pre-order an exclusive Lilac-colored vinyl at Target, or the Orchid pressing at Urban Outfitters. You can also pre-save the album on all streaming platforms here. 🥰

July 7th can’t come fast enough, and we can’t wait to watch “Sparks Fly” when it does! We can’t wait for the best thing that’s ever been “Ours,” and we hope you’re feeling the same way. If you are just as “Enchanted” to meet Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) as we are, follow our Instagram or Twitter, or click here to join our Taylor Swift Fan Crew! 💜

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