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Taylor Swift's Lover Secret Sessions

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

There are not many artists on this earth like Taylor Swift. Love her or hate her, I think we can all agree she is one of a kind. Before the release of a new album, Taylor does something unlike any other artist. She invites her most loyal fans into her many homes around the world for cookies and the first listen to her new songs. These hangouts are called the Secret Sessions, and they fan meet ups where she can show her fans how much she appreciates and loves them.

Sarah and Ella were both a part of the Secret Sessions in London. Sarah even came all the way from Ireland! “There’s no formula or specific way to ‘earn’ an invite,” says Sarah. “Taylor handpicks fans online for many reasons! They could have made her laugh with a funny video of them dancing to her song, or defended her against trolls or even wrote about how much her music means to them.” Taylor has been known to hang out on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, responding to dedicated fans. “I got a DM from @taylornation on July 16th but Taylor didn’t tell me why I was chosen,” says Ella. Check out Ella’s Instagram and you’ll see right away why Taylor chose her. She’s a superfan!!! “[Fan] projects have helped me make so many friends and really become part of the fandom! It’s helped me reach people and honestly, they make Taylor so happy,” Ella mentions that in addition to her many friendships that formed on a shared love of Taylor Swift.

Both superfans mentioned that rawness and honesty were the values that connected them and many others to Taylor’s music. When asked about her love of Taylor Swift's music, Sarah said this:

“Her music is so honest and raw and has comforted me through so much. Her songs aren’t just strong production-wise, but also lyrically. She’s so clever in her songwriting with Easter eggs and little details and metaphors. It’s her storytelling approach through her songwriting that resonates with me the most. Her music doesn’t just make you want to get up and dance, it has its own special meaning and significance to everyone and I think that’s really beautiful. It’s crazy how she turned to songwriting as a way of expressing her emotions and possibly as a coping mechanism if she was down because it’s those songs that comfort so many fans through their difficult times. Every album is so different but still so her. She never fails to amaze me with her ability to create new music with such interesting and refreshing concepts! She is truly so talented.”

Up until now, our entire blog has been dedicated to showcasing the love that fans show their favorite artists. However, we wanted to showcase how artists can use fan projects and fan meet ups in order to cultivate and appreciate their fan bases. Taylor Swift has been ahead of the game by using fan projects to show her love for her fans. Her fans have shown her so much unconditional love and support and she gives it right back. This gesture of love and trust is such a wonderful example of how all artists should give back to their ride-or-die fans.

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