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The Evolution of Nick Jonas and His New Single “Spaceman” 🚀

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Ellie Burr

We all know and love our sweet boy band star, Nick Jonas! If you’re like us, you lived and breathed the Jonas Brothers! We have watched them grow from boys to men, and Nick has kept a very special place in our hearts. Here is the evolution of our lovable Nick Jonas! 💜

Our sweet little prodigy Nick began his career at seven years old! He appeared on Broadway performing as Tiny Tim in A Christman Carol. He also played roles in Les Misérables and The Sound of Music, as well as a few others. 🎭

After gaining the attention of a major record label as a solo artist, he then decided to start a band with his brothers. And the rest is history!! The Jonas Brothers took the world by storm! The boys released four albums, starred in the Camp Rock movies, got their own TV show, and played major tours! They even broke the record for the first artists to have three albums on the Billboard Top 10 charts all at once! They were burnin’ up! 🔥

But as we know, all good things must come to an end! The brothers broke our hearts and decided to break up the band in 2013 despite their wild success. They each went their separate ways, and Nick focused on his solo work. He had previously done solo music as Nick Jonas and The Administration, and we were all about the song, “Who I am!” As exciting as it was to get to hear more solo music from Nick, it was devastating that it was because the Jonas Brothers had come to an end. 😢

Nick was ready to break out on his own, and his first single, “Chains” did just that. This song immediately got everyone focused on Nick as a solo artist, and the new direction he was headed in! However, it was his second single released that really got people wanting more! With the song, “Jealous,” Nick found himself in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100. He also had massive recognition with the song, “Levels” in 2015. Up next was his album Last Year Was Complicated, and “Chainsaw” became another huge success! Nick’s solo career did not disappoint! ⭐️

These were not the only creative projects that Nick was a part of during these years! He had a recurring role on the tv show Scream Queens. He was a guest mentor for Christina Aguilera on The Voice. He starred in the film Careful What You Wish For, and he followed many other passions as well! Most importantly, he was creative director on Demi Lovato’s Neon Lights Tour. This led to his next endeavor with Ms. Lovato when they embarked on a co-headlining tour, the Future Now Tour. This gave fans a chance to see Nick live once again! He later announced that he was starting his own record label, Safehouse Records with the help of Demi, her manager, and Island Records. 🖤

With Nick being kept busy with so many different adventures, and the other brothers busy as well, we thought the Jonas Brothers were gone for good. BUT in 2019, they surprised the whole word with the announcement of their return! They released their first single in years, “Sucker,” and it quickly dominated the charts! They also announced the release of their newest album Happiness Begins and a documentary, Chasing Happiness. The Jo-Bros were back and better than ever! 🍭

But the best days are certainly not behind Nick! He’s on top of the world as usual! The Voice announced in November that he would be returning as a coach for the show’s 20th season! Nick will be replacing coach Gwen Stefani and will be joining other coaches Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson. This will be his second season on The Voice as he was a coach during the 18th season. In his last season, his artist Thunderstorm Artis went all the way to the final round! We are so glad he’s back and are routing for him this season!! Tune in March 1st to watch him pick his team! 🎤

The Voice isn’t the only show Nick has been preparing for! He also will appear on Saturday Night Live on February 27th! Except his appearance comes with an exciting twist! Not only will he be hosting SNL, but he will also be performing as the weekly musical guest! He’s the first host of the 46th season to do both! What can’t he do?!! Nick has performed as the music guest on the show before, but this will be his first time hosting, and we are so excited for him!! 🎉

Nick’s performance on SNL also comes with yet another surprise! New music!! Nick posted the announcement of a new solo single, “Spaceman,” on his social media along with new promo pictures! Nick also announced he will be performing his new single during his set for SNL! We are in for a treat!! This single is the first solo release of his since before the Jonas Brothers’ reunion! It is set to debut on February 25th just two days before his SNL performance! 🚀

But wait! There’s more! Nick also is set to appear in the blockbuster movie, Chaos Walking! The movie is a science fiction thriller film, and it will be premiering in theaters on March 5th. Nick will be starring as one of the main characters alongside actor Tom Holland. Nick will be playing a soldier, and we are here for it!! We can’t wait to see him on the big screen! 🎥

If there’s anything this past year has taught us, it’s that there is NOTHING Nick Jonas can’t do! We are SO excited for all that Nick has in store for us this year! ✨

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