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The Fan Behind “Lady Gaga Nation” 💖

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Ellie Burr

You guys are in for a treat this week! We had the pleasure of talking to the fan behind Lady Gaga Nation! His name is Simon, and he has almost 28.5K followers! We are so excited to share more about him with you guys!! ✨

Simon is sixteen and has been a Little Monster ever since he heard “Just Dance” on the radio as a child! He loved the song so much that his parents bought it for him on iTunes. We love fans who have been around since the beginning!! He always loved sharing his adoration for Gaga with fellow Little Monsters, but never imagined that he could have started such a huge community and following he has today! 😍

Simon treasures each and every one of Lady Gaga’s songs! He’s so grateful for everything that she brings to his life and the messages she conveys to her fans. If he had to narrow down a favorite song, he would choose “I Wanna Be With You!” This is a real deep cut because it was never officially released, but lucky for us, it’s on YouTube! Simon calls this song a “masterpiece!” Between the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumentation, he deems it to be PERFECT! And after listening to it, we do too! Simon’s runner up would have to be “Stupid Love.” He says that this song has helped him through a lot. He loves it because it’s the perfect happy song to dance away any difficult things going on! 🥳

We loved hearing about Simon’s first concert memory of Lady Gaga! He says this is the best concert of his life! He went from Paris to Las Vegas for Gaga’s Enigma Residency at the Park Theater MGM. The first song she performed was none other than the first song that made Simon fall in love with her, “Just Dance!” How PERFECT!! She flew above him and all the other Little Monsters while performing her best vocals. Simon describes it as being so magical, and we believe him!! 🎤

The only thing better than Gaga soaring about you is Gaga noticing your posts on social media! And Simon is lucky enough to have experienced both! Lady Gaga liked one of his posts in September of 2019, and WOW! We are so happy for him!!! He remembers feeling on top of the world and not being able to stop staring at the notification on his phone! Who can blame him! 📱

We asked Simon if he could plan a Lady Gaga concert who would he want to open or play with her, and his answers did not disappoint! He said he would LOVE to see Ava Max open for Gaga! The idea of a new iconic pop artist opening for the Queen of Pop herself would be history in the making! He says he dreams of seeing Gaga perform “Rain On Me” with Ariana Grande or “Sine from Above” with Elton John. He also would love to watch a setlist including fan-favorites like “So Happy I Could Die,” “Venus,” “ARTPOP,” “Heavy Metal Lover,”Dancin’ in Circles,” “The Queen,” and so many more! And to end his perfect show, he would love to watch her close with “Always Remember Us This Way!” 💞

Simon says that his favorite part about running a fan account is the fans!! He loves interacting with people who share the same passion and getting to talk nonstop about their Mother Monster. He gets so excited whenever he releases a new project. It’s so important for him to create content for his followers like audio shows, streaming parties, fan made awards, and even a short film about his Enigma experience! We are so proud of all the hard work he does for all the Little Monsters out there! 🥺

We asked Simon what his best experience has been through running Lady Gaga Nation, and he said Lady Gaga’s performance of the National Anthem at President Joe Biden’s inauguration! He was so excited and proud of his idol at this moment! He says he gained around 1.2K new followers that day and received so many positive messages from fans! It made him so happy to see fans loving his work and his posts! 🥰

Our favorite part of our interview with Simon was hearing what he would tell Lady Gaga if he could send her a message! We think you’ll love his answer too! 🤗

“I’d tell her how much I love her. She’s bringing me self-confidence, bravery, inspiration and so many more incredible things. I’d also tell her that all I want for her is to be happy. I’m so grateful for her to be a part of my life. To conclude my message to her, I’d say that my biggest dream is to become a luxury fashion designer and create her outfits. Can you imagine how awesome it’d be to see your idol wearing your creations? I really hope it’ll happen one day.”

It’s fans like Simon who create and maintain fan accounts that we love!! The fan community is so special, and we are so proud and happy to be able to be a part of it with all of you!! 💜

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