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The Fan Behind @MadisonBeerUpdated & What it Takes to Run a Fan Account! ✨

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Bugg

This week at With The Band, we had the opportunity to talk to fellow music lover, Lexi, better known as @madisonbeerupdated on Instagram! Lexi runs a successful fan account for the talented singer, Madison Beer!! With 13.5 thousand followers, @madisonbeerupdated is a great account to turn to if you want to keep up with Madison’s music, videos, album releases, life, and so much more! Madison herself even follows the account!! We are super excited to let y’all learn a little bit more about the girl who runs the account. 💜

When asked about how she came to be a fan of Madison Beer, Lexi told us that she came across Madison’s song “Melodies” (released in 2013) on YouTube and absolutely loved it.

“I remember going to the Orange County fair with my father... and playing it on a constant loop there and back home.”

Lexi is from California, which is known for being home to several famous musicians and pop stars, so it’s no surprise that Lexi found herself invested in the world of the music industry! Although Lexi has yet to meet Madison, she has tickets to meet her at Madison’s concert in Los Angeles at the Wiltern in November! 🥳

About this, Lexi said, “I can’t wait to tell her thank you for all the mental health tips she’s given me and conversations we’ve had through DM’s. She truly is a sweetheart.”

We are SO excited to hear about how this meetup goes!!! 💗 Lexi’s favorite music video of Madison’s is the video for her song, “Hurts Like Hell.” Lexi said she “absolutely loves the concept.”

“To me, it shows a strong woman taking a stand and saying ‘no’ to a young girl getting hurt by her boyfriend. This

song shows confidence and makes

me feel like a badass. Perfect break-up confidence song.”

We couldn’t agree more!!! 😍

“Hurts Like Hell” may be her favorite video, but her favorite song of Madison’s is “Blue.

Madison’s song, ‘Blue,’ means the most to me. I remember Madison came out with a snippet of “Blue” maybe a year ago at an event, [and] I knew right there that was my ‘song’ off of her album. When her album Life Support came out, I listened to ‘Blue’ and cried because of how beautiful it was.”

We absolutely love hearing about music that means so much to people. 💙

Running a fan account with that big of a following can of course be overwhelming at times, but Lexi told us that making people happy is the best part about it. She has even made some amazing, close friends with other girls who also run Madison Beer fan accounts!!! Lexi says that accounts such as @madsupport, @stainedbeer, @beersmood, and @madisonbeerpages have become her friends and have even helped her get through tough times. 🙌

“I am always grateful for them. I know I can always talk to them when I need them,” says Lexi.

Connection and friendship are some of the most amazing things in life, and we are so

glad Lexi was able to find these things

through music, and especially, Madison Beer!!! Fandoms are like family, and these fan accounts are an incredible example of that!

When asked what she would say to Madison

if given the chance, Lexi wrote:

“Hi Madison, It’s Lexi. Thank you for always inspiring me to chase my dreams, and thank you for giving me the confidence I have now as a young woman. I’ve been so grateful to have supported you for so long, and I can’t wait to see where your career takes you. Let’s meet up in LA some time!” 🎊

During this past year, music has definitely helped us all connect with people - even when we had to be far away from each other. We are so glad we were able to learn a bit more about Lexi and hear about how Madison Beer’s music has helped her through life. Head over to Instagram, @madisonbeerupdated, to check out Lexi’s fan account! 💥

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