TikTok Accounts We Love🔥

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Written by: Mackenzie Christian

With TikTok being the biggest thing to happen in social media since Vine (RIP😢), artists and fans alike are taking it over by storm. From huge artists to independent songwriters, from Broadway to boybands, TikTok is becoming a pivotal part of the world as we know it and how we use social media and spend our free time. Here are some of With the Band’s favorite TikTok accounts!


Everyone already knows that Lizzo is the most “keep it real” kind of artist when it comes to social media and she has proven to be just as authentic on TikTok as well. With funny reaction videos, to her poolside or living room dancing, the “Truth Hurts” superstar keeps everyone entertained! Lizzo is serving us with relatability, authenticity, and an overall good time with her TikTok and we are loving every bit of it! 💃🏻


Another superstar who is proving to take over TikTok is Jason Derulo! From completing major TikTok challenges, to creating his own, and dancing his heart out on our phone screens, Jason Derulo is constantly on everyone’s "For You" page! He even sacrificed his stellar smile and lost teeth just trying to make a viral TikTok (don’t worry, his smile is back!) 🤗 With his song “Savage Love” being one of the top trending TikTok challenges, Jason Derulo is quickly becoming the king of TikTok!


Abigail Barlow is an honest 19 year old songwriter that has gone viral on TikTok! With her great vocals and moving lyrics, Abigail has taken TikTok by storm! From making up dances to songs she co-wrote with superstar Meghan Trainor, sharing her most personal thoughts through song, or pretending to be a disney princess with trust issues in her songs, she finds a way to reel everyone in. Abigail Barlow is easily becoming a one to watch on TikTok and in the music industry! 👀


Calling all Directioners! If you aren’t following One Obsession on TikTok, you should be! These 5 friends put on one direction masks and act as if the world never ended and One Direction never broke up! From taking suggestions on POV story lines to just recreating funny scenarios as if the boys were all together once again, this TikTok account gives us major nostalgia for the good old boyband days! 😍


For the Broadway babies, Hamilton is obviously a fan favorite! Taking over the Musical Theatre world in 2015, to winning Tonys, Grammys, and other incredible awards, they have a new thing to brag about: being one of the best accounts on TikTok! From behind the scenes action to memeing some of the best scenes from the musical, Hamilton’s TikTok account is not just for the musical lover but for everyone on TikTok!


Tristen Roundtree really didn’t have to do much to go viral on TikTok, his personality was all he needed to go viral! Calling himself the “CEO of Bops”, Tristen’s series “Songs that didn’t have to go this hard,” has Tristen jamming out to songs by the Jonas Brothers, Maroon 5, Adele, and reminding you of just how “hard” they go!


Ari Elkins makes playlist TikToks for ALL of your feelings and daydreams! Feeling like the villain in a movie? He’s got a playlist. Feeling like the main character? He’s got a playlist. Feeling like you just need to sit and take a breath? He’s got a playlist! With him dancing and singing along to songs everyone knows and deep cuts no one has ever heard of, Ari creates TikToks for everyone’s mood at any point! The key to going viral is pleasing the masses, and Ari has done just that! 💜

Those are just a few of the TikTok accounts that WTB loves and constantly finds on our "For You" page! From big name artists to playlisters, TikTok is proving to be the hot thing on the market and you can go viral for pretty much anything, but especially music! 🎶

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