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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by, Tess Considine

This fall, besides getting pumped for pumpkin spiced lattes and wearing cozy cardigans, there are so many great artists hitting the road these upcoming months!

Here’s a list of who we are looking forward to seeing this fall:

Ariana has been killing it this year! Having released two albums, “Sweetener” and “thank u, next”, she has a lot of new music on this world tour. One thing about Ari is she never disappoints when it comes to her live shows. Her voice is just as good, if not better live, so your expectations will definitely be exceeded when leaving the concert!

If you haven’t heard Kacey Musgraves’s music yet, you’re missing out! She’s such a great songwriter with super clever lyrics and has such a gorgeous, pure voice. If you’re into pop or country, she’s your gal!

Obviously, you’ve all heard of the Jonas Brothers before because they were quite popular back in the day, and now they’re back and bigger than ever! This concert will be packed with so many old and new goodies. The energy will be buzzing, and even if you weren’t a Jonas Brothers fangirl before, you’ll leave as one!

The Chainsmokers are coming in hot with their new tour! They are a great group who have evolved and transformed from a DJ duo to a group touring now as a live band. They have a bunch of new songs this past year with talent such as Bebe Rexha, ILLENIUM, etc. as well as songs on this upcoming album that are just Drew Taggart and Alex Pall. We know we’ll be singing and dancing along during this show!

Lana just released her new album, “Norman F#@king Rockwell!”, last Friday (August 29th), and it’s everything Lana Del Rey embodies as an artist. The vibe is very dreamy and her voice aches of nostalgic memories. We can only imagine how amazing seeing her live would be!

Chance the Rapper released an album just at the end of July, and he’s bringing it to the stage. This album is full of so many gems that will be even more amazing to hear live! If you’re a fan of rap, hip hop, or dance, you have to see Chance in your city this fall!

Charli XCX has such a fun, 90’s pop sound, and she knows how to bring the party to her shows! Her new self-titled album, Charli, comes out September 13th, so this tour will be full of new music, which we know will all be bops!

Billie goes all out when it comes to her live performances! She has a very visual mind, so her live shows will bring that to life with her super creative set designs. From jumping up and down like crazy to singing with her angelic voice, Billie is very dynamic and someone who is redefining what pop music is today!

Lauv is writing a bunch of new songs that are super raw and introspective. Lauv is the king of making bops that are fun but also super vulnerable and relatable. If you’re a hopeless romantic and looking for a concert that gets you in all the feels, Lauv is the guy for that!

Dropping his new album, “Hollywood Bleeding”, tomorrow (September 6th), Post Malone is ready to tour not only playing his major hits but also his brand new music. “Hollywood Bleeding” has a bunch of collabs ranging from Halsey to Ozzy Osbourne, so maybe some of them will make appearances on his tour! Malone’s voice is like no one else’s, and his musical style is very versatile, so anyone can go see him and have a great time!

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