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Top 5 Fan Club Platforms

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Written By: Katherine Penman

There are many fan club platforms out there and each has its own options and features. Finding the perfect app for what you’re looking for can be hard so we have put together a list of our top 5 fan club platforms to help you find your space!

1. Weverse

While Weverse started as an app for artists under HYBE, formerly known as BigHit Entertainment, the company has expanded the platform with other artists like Seventeen, Blackpink, and CL. Not only does the platform have Kpop artists, but they also have added on artists like Gracie Abrams, Alexander 23, and Jeremy Zucker. Weverse is a free app, and you can join as many fandoms as you want! You can also pay to get access to even more exclusive content. Weverse allows fans to publicly comment on the fandoms pages and gives you the choice to make the comment viewable to the artist or not. If you choose to make it viewable to the artist, they may even respond to you!


LYSN, like Weverse, Started as an SM Entertainment fan app where fans could join and see content from SM artists and pay for exclusive content. When they launched Bubble, they expanded their artists to other companies. Bubble allows fans to feel as if they are texting with their favorite artist. Fans pay a monthly fee per artist to gain access to the messages which could be photos, text, or even voice memos. The app currently only hosts Korean artists, some of which are EXO, TWICE, Stray Kids, and Chungha.

With the Band is a fan engagement platform that focuses on creating community within a fanbase. Through blog posts, fan interviews, livestreams, and live events With the Band collaborates with fans who run fan accounts to talk about their experience as a fan! With the Band features Fan Crews, which fans can subscribe to and gain access to exclusive content, behind the scenes, meet and greets, and unique merch!

4. Fave

HYBE has shown they know the importance of fan engagement with Weverse and have invested in Fave, another fan engagement app. Like Weverse, artists can share text posts and photos with their fans, but what makes Fave so different from Weverse are the many features which can bring fans together. While Weverse focuses more on fans engaging with artists, Fave has created spaces for fans to interact with each other. Fans can customize their profiles to tell their own story of how they became a fan, participate in quizzes and competitions to gain points to show how big of a fan they are, and even host live rooms through the app which fans could have watch parties, talent shows, trivia nights, or any other event they could think of! Fave even has a marketplace where fans can buy, sell, or trade merch they made themselves. Currently Fave hosts fandoms for BTS, Seventeen, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift.

5. Amino

Unlike the other fandom platforms on this list, Amino hosts more fan run fan clubs. The app has many different communities you can join for free and you can even create your own community. Many fans use the app to create a space for fans to join together, share fan made content, and express opinions. Amino allows its users to create quizzes, polls, and host live streams. This fan club platform focuses less on fans interacting with the artist and more on fans creating a community by interacting with other fans!

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