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How We Turned Bridgestone Arena Into A Rainbow

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by, Tess Considine

This week’s blog post is a very special one. Kacey Musgraves played in Nashville, Tennessee this past Friday (October 25th), and we put on a HUGE fan project for her!

We wanted to do something special since this was Kacey’s first time headlining an arena. So, we decided to create/organize a fan project around the idea of her iconic song, “Rainbow”. With the Band staff, friends, and fans, set out red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple signs in specific sections of the arena in order to create a rainbow. Together, we helped hand out over 18,000 colored signs throughout Bridgestone Arena.

The front of each sign looked like this, and the back of the sign instructed the fans to hold the sign up to their phone flashlight during the song “Rainbow”. Every person in the sold out arena found one of these signs in their cupholders when they arrived to their seats.

This was such a magical & memorable moment for us, and we are so grateful to all the fans who helped our giant fan project come to life!

The Rainbow Project was our first artist sponsored event; furthermore, we planned this project in collaboration with

Kacey’s management team. This helped create a magical experience for both Kacey and her fans. Kacey was surprised by the glowing rainbow, and the fans felt a part of something larger than themselves.

This concert even broke the record for “female attendance of any genre at Bridgestone” with over 18,000 attendees! Maggie Rogers performed a killer opening set that was full of funny dance moves and major bops. And let’s not forget that Harry Styles himself showed up to perform “Space Cowboy” with Kacey as her encore!

Here is some of the feedback we have gotten from this fan project:

“What an absolutely gorgeous, magical moment” - Kacey Musgraves

“It was an incredible experience to help with this fan project and see it come to life during Kacey’s concert. It made the end result even cooler knowing I helped bring color to that rainbow🌈” -Ashley Carmen (a fan who helped pass out the signs)

“Being able to play a part of this magical show was such an honor. We love that we were able to support one of Nashville’s own and help Kacey bring her incredible ‘Golden Hour’ era to a close with a glowing rainbow.” -Sarah Beth Perry (Founder & CEO of With the Band)

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