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Ways to Enjoy Music During This "Concert-less" Summer 🔇

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Caroline Hoffman

In the beginning of Spring, it looked like we were going to have a quiet summer with everyone locked inside. While that might not be the case, sadly all the concerts and festivals we had planned for our summer breaks are not safe enough to attend. Luckily, the music industry is still providing fun listening experiences for us, so we can still enjoy music all summer long!🤘🏼

Drive-In Concerts- Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!! As an alternative to standing in a packed crowd, a field or drive-in venue is packed with cars so that audiences can be socially distanced, but still enjoy the show. You pay per car 🚙, so load it up with friends or family! Some concerts are in person and others have the movie screen livestreaming the concert from another location like a larger than life concert movie experience! Billboard has a list here of all of the past and upcoming drive-in concerts!

Live Stream Concerts and Festivals- Even though our favorite festivals have been either canceled or postponed, many are still having a virtual festival! These live stream concerts are happening all the time - you just have to do some digging to find out if your favorite artists are playing. Every week more and more virtual festivals are being announced. Here is a list that is updated weekly with the new virtual concert announcements!

IGTVs- So many of our favorite artists are creating tons of new Instagram videos for us. Since the beginning of quarantine, top selling artists from all genres (including artists like Luke Combs and Niall Horan) have been going live or posting IGTVs 📺. Some of the Instagram Livestreams have been super interactive, so make sure to turn on the post notifications for your favorite artist so you never miss a second!

Playlists- People on TikTok have become even more creative by posting playlists!! A TikTok trend that erupted during quarantine is creating a video that showcases a playlist made by the creator. Most TikTok creators give the playlist a name based on a vibe, mood, or subject matter. Start getting creative and make your own playlists! Make a playlist based on your mood, favorite tv character, or check out other people’s playlists to find new music!

Campfire Jams- It is widely believed that the safest way to hang out with friends in a different household right now is by being outside. Put up a hammock or build a fire 🔥. Find a friend that can play guitar or bring a Bluetooth speaker to bring your music outside! Make the most of your favorite music with your best friends outside this summer!

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