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What Do Fan Sites Include?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Emily Hume

Fan sites can be a great place for fans to

connect and stay up to date with their favorite artist. Typically, fan sites will be centered around one artist or one subject. So a fan site may only cover Ariana Grande, or it could cover all of the queens of pop! For a fan site that is focused on one artist, it is usually an overall story of the artist. It might start with their birthday and come up through the present day with their most recent release or event. Some fan sites will also include a history of how the owner of the site became a fan of the artist! It’s also a great place for fans to build a community and get to know one another.

Fan sites typically have a wealth of information and knowledge about an individual artist they are following! They can have special information about new releases that are coming up like brand collaborations, new music, new videos, and even new merch! Fan sites will have pictures, videos, maybe even audio clips of recently released music! There might even be links to popular or new interviews or other articles and sites that are covering the same topic.

They can also provide fan discussion boards so that fans can share their input as well. If a release date is changed or a merch item is sold out, this is a way for fans to share what they know. They can even share pictures from live events during a tour! This space allows fans to feel like the artist's information they keep up with is truly important, and they are helping each other!

Fan sites are a great way to bring fans together and share information! They can be essential to helping fandoms grow and flourish!

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