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What Do You Call the Leader of a Fan Club?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Emily Hume

Fan clubs that are run by fans themselves can be some of the most exciting places to meet friends! These communities are typically very welcoming to new fans who share in their same love for a particular band or artist. Many people don’t realize the hard work and dedication that actually goes into running a fan club and maintaining it. For the original fan who started the fan club, although they may have had help along the way, it is their job to make sure that it remains a safe, kind, and inviting place. It is also incredibly important to keep general information up to date, so that fans do not feel disappointed when they are joining the fan club. The leader has a lot of responsibilities! They create a unique space for fans to come together.

The leader of a fan club may be referred to as the fan club’s president, owner, or moderator. This just signifies that they could either be the original fan who started it, or another super fan who helps run the account! They are ensuring that it is a healthy and happy environment for fans to join! Some fan clubs may have more than one leader, and so these titles can also be spread among a few people. The owner may have started the club, while the president takes care of the safety of the club, and the moderator may be responsible for keeping content up to date and interacting with members of the club! If it is an artist run fan club, moderators could also be people on the artist's team.

All this to say, a fan club is a community that you get to make all your own, so a fan club leader is totally open to choose any title that they wish to be called! Most often, fan club leaders are known as moderators who ensure that their fan club is thriving!

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