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How To Create A Fan Club

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Written by: Lucy Widmann

No matter if you are as big of an artist as Taylor Swift, or small like King Princess, all artists share one common theme: Fan Clubs. Usually we think that the success of an artist’s career comes from royalties made off streaming or possibly licensing music for movies and TV. However, one of the single most important factors to an artist's career is creating and maintaining a fan community. Fan clubs can be the foundation to an artist's career!

Think of Justin Bieber - a simple upload of Justin singing went viral because of fan engagement, which ultimately sparked the attention of music execs. Now with TikTok, fans have the accessibility to discover new artists with a simple swipe; think of Ant Saunders’ “Yellow Hearts” or the explosion of “Say So” by Doja Cat! You can create a fandom and build your platform right now! 🤩

Here are With the Band’s best steps on how to create the foundation for a fan club! 💜

Step 1: Active Engagement

The biggest key to having active engagement is staying consistent. Just like a friendship, it takes effort to grow the relationship. Engaging online with your followers by asking questions, creating polls, and posting daily is what is going to help your fans feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. This is what attracts individuals to becoming fans! Everyone desires to be a part of something, so if you are able to create that unique experience for them, it will click. Make sure to engage with accounts that comment on your posts and offer special exclusives for those who have been following you for a long time. This is what will make their experience as a fan of yours set apart from other fandoms! ✨

Step 2: Know Your Demographic

In order to attract an audience to stay committed to you as an artist, it is helpful to know what demographic of individuals you are initially attracting. This knowledge can help you market yourself in a way that helps preserve these individuals to continue following you, as well attract new individuals. To gain insight about your demographic, you can use your social media and streaming analytics, which evaluates the profiles of fans who have liked, commented, and engaged with your profile. The best social media platform to use for this is Instagram, which will reveal even deeper information such as age, gender, and recent activity.

Spotify is another way to gain insight on your fans, in which you can gain information on what cities you are most popular in. As well, Spotify will show what other artists your listeners are listening to, which will give an idea to what other types of music your listeners tend to lean towards. This is helpful when wanting to plan meet-ups or concerts, because you can base your tour route on the location that holds most of your following. This also shows your fans that you are paying attention to where they live, which makes them feel seen and known. 🥰

Step 3: Meetups/Livestreams

Covid-19 has made it hard for artists to connect to their fan base in person. However, this has not stopped them from getting creative and deepening their relationship with their fans! Because of mass media platforms, there are plenty of ways for you to connect with your fans without setting a time and place to physically meet.

The most common way of connecting with fans during this time is the usage of