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Fan Engagement: What You NEED To Know ✨

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Mackenzie Christian

In the vast world of music, it feels good to be connected. Fans have so many unique ways of connecting not only with their favorite artists, but also with each other! Some music fans put in their social media bios all of the dates and number of times that an artist has liked/responded to something they have posted. They might have a profile picture that features them with their fav artist. Fans have also created partnerships with fellow fans they’ve met through their favorite artist and launch joint fan accounts. Fans like, comment, follow, post, and interact with each other constantly to stay in the know about their favorite artists. This incredible connection that is formed around the love of an artist is called fan engagement. 🙌

What is fan engagement?

Fan engagement has two different functions utilized by two different groups: The artist and the fans. For the artist, fan engagement is crucial. They need to engage with their fans in order to gain followers/support and continue to build their brand. Fan engagement for an artist can look like hosting meet-and-greets, responding to dms or social media comments, newsletters, live streams, or intimate fan gatherings. That’s right, Taylor Swift is on to something with her secret session house shows! For the fan, engaging with the artist can be empowering and fun. It can look like commenting on posts, participating in live streams, organizing a fan project or a fan meet up, and just connecting with your fellow fans! It’s an amazing bond when fans come together over an artist. There is a sense of community when fans get to share their experiences and hear from each other that the artist they spend their time thinking about and listening to values each individual fan. 💖

What is a fan project?

A fan project also works both ways for the fan and artist. An artist driven fan project is when the artist organizes something for their fans to get involved in. We see this when artists include fans in their music videos, include fan interviews in their concert DVD, or take time to recognize a group of fans that has done something special for them. Twenty-One Pilots are giving us a perfect example of a unique artist driven fan project. They are running the first ever “never-ending music video” for their song Level of Concern. Every three minutes and 40 seconds the song starts over with new footage of fan submitted videos.

On the fans side, a fan project usually involves a big group of fans coming together to do something to get the artist’s attention and make them feel

loved. That could be working together to get your artist trending on twitter, or a project at a concert. At the Nashville show during Jonas Brothers’ comeback tour, Happiness Begins, the boys had no idea what they were in for. Through With The Band, fans created the “Comeback Project” and held up 16,000 signs while the JoBros sang their song Comeback. These signs read “Thank You For Coming Back To Us!”, and all three of them were crying at the end of the song. Nick even posted about the project on his Instagram thanking the fans! The fans from that show now have a special memory of how they were able to connect with each other to create something beautiful for the Jonas Brothers. It also provided fans with a way to show the Jonas Team that their fans are here to stay. @Haley1033 said it best when commenting on Nick Jonas’ post saying “Being there holding a sign was an experience that I’ll never forget!”

What is a fan meet up?

Traditionally fan meet ups happen prior to an artist’s concert, as a way for fans in the same or close communities to meet, connect with one another, or plan for the next concert they are all going to. Fan meet ups can be so creative and flexible that today you can organize them for any occasion. Fan meet ups can be for new music, album releases, anniversaries, and other major milestones for the artists! Some

of the best fan meet ups can be getting a group of friends together to watch a concert movie and relive those nights! Singing and dancing in your living room with your closest fandom friends can create “Midnight Memories” that you will never forget!🕺 Sometimes fan meet ups are as small as a group of you and your friends having a listening party or as big as promoting it on social media to meet somewhere like a park or open public space to meet hundreds of other fans!