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The Best Fan Meet up Ideas

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Savannah Alday

In today’s world, many of us feel lonely or isolated; however, you are never alone in your fandom! For everything that can be loved, there are several fan accounts dedicated to singing its praises, which means there are equally as enthusiastic fans geeking out about the same things that you are!

Fan meetups have been all the rage with the rise of music fandoms. Fans of artists like BTS, Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, and so many others have been participating in fan meetups since their inception. Traditionally, fan meet-ups happened prior to one of these group's concerts, as a way for fans in the same or close communities to meet, connect with one another, or plan for the next concert they are all going to. Fan meetups are so flexible that today you can organize them for any occasion. Here are 10 ideas we suggest!

Organized Themes

Meetups are the ULTIMATE Friday night parties! Create a fun girls/guys night with a themed party around whatever you are all a fan of. As an example, for Taylor Swift’s Lover album, you could have a party where you dress in pastels, bake cupcakes, and sing your heart out by having karaoke in your living room!

Design T-Shirts

Some of you are even more crafty and really love to go all out when you are attending your favorite artist’s show. So make a meet-up where fans can come to decorate their own pre-bought t-shirt. This will elevate your status from fan to super fan! We suggest planning these for the night before or the weekend before just in case you need to leave time for drying.

Create Posters

Let’s say you are going to one of your favorite artists' concerts and you wanna make a poster for the show. This is the perfect event to create a meet-up around. Create a group and invite other fans of this artist to come and design posters for the performance. A suggestion is to use Canva, which is a great free resource to make your signs look extra cute!

Pre-show Dinner or Drinks

Create a fan meetup at a restaurant near the venue about 2 hours before the show starts. Everyone can grab a bite to eat before the show, and you can all talk about which song you are most excited to hear at the show! Make a small sign with the artist's picture that says “meet up” just so people know who to look for. If you are over 21+, you could also pick a bar for everyone to hang out after the show!

Recreate Photoshoot

A great fan meet-up that you can do year-round is a photoshoot! You could meet up to take pictures before a concert - taking photos in your show outfits, tagging the artist you’re seeing in your posts while hashtagging the tour. Another fun idea is to plan a day where you recreate some of your favorite artists' insta photos tagging them as a fun way to interact and show some love to these artists.


This is for the younger fans. If you wanna go the extra mile to show your love for an artist, create a meetup where you and other fans can paint your faces or arms. Taylor Swift fans have been known to paint her lucky number 13 on their hands, face, and or arms to match her famous use of the number.

Listening Party

Never a better way to party with your friends than a listening party! When you know that your favorite artist is going to be releasing a new album take the time and plan a meetup where you guys can listen to th