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How to Create a Successful Fan Project or Fan Meetup

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Written by, Sarah Beth Perry

With the Band is all about community and inclusivity, and fandoms have been a safe haven for so many people over the course of several decades! We want to celebrate that by giving you our best tips on how to create an amazing fan project or fan meetup! A fan project can unite thousands of people at once to celebrate their favorite artist, and a fan meetup brings fans together and can create life-long friendships.

Here are With the Band’s top tips for creating an incredible event! 💜

1. Research the artist that you are wanting to highlight. Try to find out what they have going on! Have they announced a new single or album? Will they be on tour soon? Did they just hit a major milestone??

2. Next, check out your fav artist's new aesthetic! What colors are they using? Have they changed their look and style? Are fans keeping up with the new trend? For example, Taylor Swift going from her Reputation album to her Lover album was a major shift! These notes will help you figure out what your project or meet up should look like!

3. Here’s where things get a little tricky.

a. For a fan project, decide what you would like to do! Do you want to surprise the artist with signs across the audience during a live performance? Do you want to get a hashtag trending showing your support? Whatever you decide to do, be passionate about it!! Be creative and give your favorite artist all the love they deserve!

b. For a fan meetup, there are so many options! From hosting a chill concert film watch party, to standing outside of a radio station for hours, fan meetups are all about being together - even virtually! Decide if you would like to host an in person or virtual event, ask other fans what they would like to do, plan the date, time, and location, and invite all your fandom friends!

4. So, where is the best place to see if other fans like what you are putting together?? Join a Fan Crew on With the Band to chat with other fans of your favorite artists! Through the “Fan Talk” channels and direct messaging, fans can totally stay in touch to decide the best way to let their artist know how much they love and appreciate them!

5. Once the fan project or fan meetup has been completed, stay in touch! Follow each other on social media, post pictures and videos, and wait to see if the artist themself comments on any of it!

Fandom friendships are often for life, and an awesome event like a fan project or fan meetup, can kickstart one of these incredible friendships! We all have artists we love to celebrate, so why not celebrate all together?? Whether it’s 5 friends in your living, or 15,000 fans in an arena, every event can be an awesome memory to share!

Our tips & trick on how to create a great event:

  • Invite all of your friends who love the artist that the event is for! Who doesn’t want to spend more time talking about their favorite artist?!

  • If you plan to make signs, Canva is a great free resource to make your signs look extra cute.

  • Meet ups are the ULTIMATE Friday night parties. Create a fun girls night in with a themed party around the music. As an example, for Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album, you could have a party where you dress in pastels, bake cupcakes, and sing your heart out by having karaoke in your living room!

  • If you have an idea, but you don’t know how to execute it, email us at or DM us on Instagram! We will help!

If you want to get more involved in fan communities,

join a Fan Crew or our awesome weekly newsletter!


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