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How to Create a Successful Fan Project or Fan Meetup

Updated: 4 days ago

Written by, Sarah Beth Perry

Since With the Band is an app designed for fans to create fan projects, organize fan meet ups, and share fan stories with other fans, it only makes sense for us to write a blog post explaining step by step how to make a successful fan project or fan meetup!

With that said, here is our guide on how to create an awesome fan project and/or fan meetup:

1. Download the With the Band app!

2. After you have created an account, you need to decide on whether you want to plan a fan meetup or a fan project. Examples of a meetup: have a listening party when the new album is released, meet other fans who live in the same area who LOVE your favorite music just as much as you do, etc. Example of a project: hold up signs during a concert, get a hashtag trending, create a scrapbook, etc.

3. Click the plus sign on the top right corner on either the fan projects or fan meetups page.

4. Decide what to call your project/meetup, which artist it will involve, date & time, location, description, decide whether you want to make it public or private, and choose a cover photo. Hit "done" once you are finished.

5. After you have completed making the event, click the setting gear in the top right of the meetup. From here, you can copy the link to your event, invite friends, and change details.

Our tips & trick on how to create a great event:

  • Invite all of your friends who love the artist that the event is for! Who doesn’t want to spend more time talking about their favorite artist?!

  • If you plan to make signs, Canva is a great free resource to make your signs look extra cute.

  • Meet ups are the ULTIMATE Friday night parties. Create a fun girls night in with a themed party around the music. As an example, for Taylor Swift’s “Lover” album, you could have a party where you dress in pastels, bake cupcakes, and sing your heart out by having karaoke in your living room!

  • If you have an idea, but you don’t know how to execute it, email us at or DM us on Instagram! We will help!

If you want to get more involved in fan communities,

join a Fan Crew on the With the Band app!