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What Does a Fan Club Do?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Katherine Penman

Fan clubs are a fun space where fans can get together and bond over their interest. Beyond being a place to support an artist and meet other fans, fan clubs can do many things that enhance fan engagement not only with the artist but between the fans themselves.

Fan clubs are a great space for fans and artists to interact. Many Official fan clubs will host virtual meet and greets and have a space where fans can post and the artist is more likely to see them there than on other social media apps like Twitter.

Fan clubs, official or fan run, also can host giveaways! These are fun ways which fans can get merch like signed albums which is a popular giveaway item. To enter, fans may have to comment on a post, share a hashtag, post a photo on their story, or even a combination of things. For the most part entering the giveaways are easy and usually free.

Fan clubs are also known for creating fan events! Many fan-run fan clubs organize local events. The Kpop fandom is known for creating many fan events. Most popular are cup sleeve events. When an idol has a birthday or a group is having a comeback, fans will rent out cafe’s, decorate them with the idols pictures and balloons spelling out their names, make cup sleeves with the idols faces on them, and often have fan made photo cards and other freebies for those attending! These events may also host merch tables filled with fan-made merch! While fan clubs may organize these events they aren’t closed off to fan club members. Anyone can attend and it’s a great way for fans to be introduced to fan clubs in their area they may not have known about!

Fan clubs may also have “events” that don’t require fans to meet up or travel to a cafe. An example of this is when the BTS ARMY coined the term “Namjooning” which meant to enjoy art, nature, and architecture. The term was based on RM’s love for nature and art, and on RM’s Birthday the fans would share photos of themselves Namjooning in order to celebrate. It was a way for fans to come together and celebrate within their own towns.

Being a part of a fan club is what you put into it! Some fan clubs host more virtual meet ups and trends, while more locally focused fan clubs may host fan meet ups and in person events. Official fan clubs will offer more perks for fans who are willing to pay a fee and are definitely worth it for fans who are looking for more connection to the artist. All fan clubs are different and host different events but one thing they all have in common is they create communities where fans can feel welcome and can create more opportunities for fan engagement.

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