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What is a Fan Club Membership?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Fan clubs were originally started as early as the 1800s, and from then, they have continued to grow and evolve. Today, there are so many different types of fan clubs, and they all have different aspects to their memberships.

A fan club membership is a way a fan can gain access to behind the scenes content or other perks like presale tickets, exclusive merch, and more by either paying a fee or signing up for an artist's email list. Once you join the club, you are eligible for the perks within that club. Registering for a membership could be something as simple as providing an email, or it could require a yearly or even monthly fee. Each artist will offer different perks for their fan club members.

While some fan clubs are free, they still require fans to sign up or join. This type of membership is usually for a larger scale fandom. Perks from a membership of a large fanbase network can range from a weekly newsletter, to early access to concert tickets and VIP meet & greets. Even if all it takes to sign up is an email, that is still extremely helpful to an artist because they are able to have closer contact with their fanbase. There are also free fan clubs that are run by fans that may or may not require some type of membership.

Fan clubs can also have different levels or tiers of membership. For example, country music duo Brothers Osborne has one membership that is free, and one membership that is $19.99 per year. The perks of the free tier are emails and newsletters, while the paid membership gives fans the opportunity for meet & greets, access to pre-sale tickets, the chance to attend fan club parties, and it provides an online community for fans! So, memberships can come in all different forms!

With the Band has its own modern day version of a fan club called Fan Crews. Fan Crews allow fans to have more connection with their fav artists than ever before. Artists can post exclusive content, host livestreams and meet & greets, and interact with fans directly! Each Fan Crew is customizable to the artist, but each tier within a Fan Crew requires a monthly fee from fans. This ensures that you will be speaking with the artist, and other fans, in a safe space! It creates a positive and inclusive atmosphere where fans can truly share how much they love an artist, and they can also be rewarded! With the Band Fan Crews provide amazing opportunities for fans, while also fostering intentional relationships with partnering artists.

Most importantly, a fan club membership provides a sense of community to a lot of fans. It is a tangible way to know that you belong to a network of fans who love and support one artist.

If you want to get more involved in fan communities,

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Joe Letke
May 09

lainey wilson wants me to send her $700 in gift cards to join her club


Replying to

Hi Joe! That sounds like a scam. Here is a link to Lainey's official fan club!


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