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What is the Purpose of Fandom?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Katherine Penman

The fandom world is a huge place filled with many fandoms that cover all forms of entertainment. Within each fandom there’s different vocabulary and trends to learn and keep up with. Fandoms can be really cool places, but what is their purpose?

Fandoms are created when fans start to grow in numbers and come together. Their fandom is a place where they can share anything related to their shared interest and interact with other fans. This is the purpose that fandoms were created for! They give fans places to be themselves and interact with other fans. They allow for a place where fans can expand on theories and create fan fiction or head cannons. Fandoms make it easy for fans to find content directly aimed towards their interest.

Fandom was created to be a space where fans can come together and through fulfilling that purpose, it also became a safe place for many fans. Fandoms created accepting communities where fans could become friends.

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