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WTB's Soundtrack to Fall🍂

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Written by: Mackenzie Christian

Pack away those sweet summer jams because fall is officially here! Crisp air, multi-colored leaves, and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, we all need to change our playlists accordingly! Here’s hoping these 10 songs (and playlist) will help you prep for everything Fall has to offer!🎶

Illicit Affairs - Taylor Swift (submitted by @paintedswiftgolden and @morgandaily1)

Folklore was the ULTIMATE preparation and gift for fall from queen Taylor Swift. 👑 But “Illicit Affairs” ??? “Illicit Affairs” makes you want to get in your car and drive for hours in the autumn golden hour, feeling the cool breeze on your skin. If there is any song to turn you from a summer person to a fall person, it’s this one for sure.

Wonder - Shawn Mendes (submitted by @its__noralyn)

“Wonder” is one of Mendes’ most personal songs, speaking on the struggle to express emotions while also tapping ever so slightly into his romantic side, which was what most of his earlier music consisted of.

With a soaring melody that hits you right in the feels and a music video to match, “Wonder” is a perfect song for fall night under the stars.✨

Heather - Conan Gray (submitted by @july23babies)

With a melody that makes your heart ache and lyrics that do the same, “Heather” talks about watching someone you care about, care about someone else in the most superior way: giving them their sweater. On a rainy fall day, when you want to feel all the feels, curl up by your window with a cup of coffee and listen to this somber fall ballad. ☕

Better - ZAYN (submitted by @directionersmum_official)

A perfect combination of a love song and a heartbreak ballad, “Better” has a R&B beat throughout that drives the whole song to the end. With Zayn having just welcomed a baby girl 2 days before, the anticipation of this drop by ZAYN fans was extremely satisfied. Zayn’s silky vocals ALWAYS deliver, and they did not fall short with this song. 🖤

Perfect Places - Lorde (submitted by @paintedswiftgolden)

With no news of new music coming from Lorde anytime soon (😭), we will just have to keep going back to her 2017 album Melodrama. “Perfect Places” makes you want to dance around in your room with your best friends and scream-sing at the top of your lungs. With a little bit of summer jam and deep lyrics in true fall music style, this is the perfect summer to fall transition song.

Not a Pop Song - Little Mix (submitted by @officiallycjk)

Little Mix is back with another unapologetic power anthem ready to take NAMES (they literally name drop in the song 👀). Perfect for you to feel like the most powerful person in the room, this song will make you want to dance anywhere and everywhere.

Betty - Taylor Swift (submitted by @morgandaily1 and @_gorgeous_cass_)

Obviously we had to mention 2 Taylor Swift Folklore jams. “Betty” is a song about coming of age, learning to love, and hoping you can rekindle your relationship. “Betty” pulls at the heartstrings when the line, “If I showed up at your party, would you have me, would you want me?” comes through the speaker. Another Folklore favorite that will make you want to drive at sunset into the fall night and find yourself thinking under the stars. 🌌

Heartbreak Weather - Niall Horan (submitted by WTB’s own Emily Hume)

Heartbreak Weather, the title track from Niall Horan’s second studio album, is an upbeat song about finally finding the person that finally gets you out of your “heartbreak weather”. With a fun pop beat, Niall Horan delivers smooth vocals and flirty lyrics perfect for you and your boo to listen to while carving pumpkins on the porch. 🎃

Cowboy in LA - LANY (Submitted by WTB’s CEO & Founder Sarah Beth Perry)

Cowboy in LA will make your heart flutter and you make this exact

face: 🥺. With the sweetest lyrics about wanting to treat a person he loves the way he was raised to and not like how the “average LA boy” treats a person, your heart will melt as Paul Jason Klein’s smooth vocals and vulnerable lyrics let us into his views of love. This is the perfect song for a fall night on the porch with someone you love. 🌙

Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood (Submitted by WTB Intern Mackenzie)

An oldie but a goodie, The Neighborhood’s “Sweater Weather” never fails to make you feel like you are crashing down into a pile of fresh fallen leaves! The Neighborhood’s biggest song to date, Sweater Weather is the song that lets fall commence, forever and always.🍂

While we are curling up with a pumpkin spice latte and carving pumpkins, this is what we will be listening to! To submit your favorite fall song selections, visit our instagram @withthebandvip. These are just a few of the songs that are making our fall soundtrack this year! Click the image below to head to our Spotify to see what other songs made the cut! Happy fall and happy listening! 💜

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