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Behind the Fan: @yungbluditaly_ 🖤

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Written by: Kylie Connet

Our Behind the Fan interview this week features Laura, a 24-year-old from Italy who runs the Yungblud fan account, @yungbluditaly_! From the first time she heard his music to meeting him in person, Laura told us all about her favorite parts of running a fan account for Dom. ✨

Laura became a fan of Yungblud’s in June of 2018 and started her account the very next month. What first caught her attention was “his love he communicates through his songs, and how he is not afraid to stand for'' social causes he believes in such as LGBTQ+ acceptance and mental health awareness. When we asked which song means the most to her, Laura said "Polygraph Eyes" is super special to her given the way she relates to it. While it is hard enough to pick a favorite song, sometimes picking a favorite video is even more challenging! Laura’s favorite is "Psychotic Kids" because of the dark aesthetic it portrays. Her account definitely shows off those grunge vibes that Dom is known for! 🤩

Being part of a fandom is such a unique experience and always brings people so close together. Laura has even carried out fan projects with the Italian fanbase. Those projects have been one of her favorite parts of having a fan account. Another favorite part of hers is interacting with other fans. We love how close the fandom is! They call themselves the Black Hearts Club and Dom is extremely involved with them. He always seems to make an effort to include, meet, and show his appreciation for his fans. He has interacted with Laura’s account several times with likes, comments, and shares. So sweet! 🖤

We asked Laura about her experience meeting Yungblud and it sounded like a dream come true for the superfan! She explained that she instantly felt “understood, appreciated, and put at ease” when they met. Her favorite thing is how he treats them all as friends and not just fans! Laura describes his concerts as places that “make you forget about the outside world” and form new friendships inside the Black Hearts Club. Sounds like a great time to us! 🎉

As fans, we love to think up our dream lineup for our favorite artists and Laura has some amazing ideas! She said that she would love to see Yungblud play a show with Palaye Royale, Willow Smith, or Maggie Lindemann. Some songs she wants to hear would be "hope for the underrated youth", "Die For The Hype", "teresa", and "The Funeral". We can’t wait for the day he plays all of those! 👏

Finally, we asked Laura what she would say to Yungblud if she could send him a message. She had the best answer: “Dom, thank you for having created such a strong community, in which I found true friends and love. We find comfort in your music and you encourage us every day to be ourselves: strong, independent, and proudly WEIRD! We love you so much, and can’t wait to see you in Italy!” We know Yungblud would be so happy to hear those words, Laura! 🤗

Today, Yungblud announced his self-titled third album by live-streaming himself getting a tattoo of the track-list! Pre-save the album here and check out @yungbluditaly_ for updates. We had the best time getting to know Laura and her love for Yungblud. We can’t wait to see what her account has in store for the future! 💜

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